PS3 Sales Double At 5 Major Retailers After Price Cut

It may only be days since Sony announced a USD 100 price cut for the PlayStation 3, but according to SCEA boss Jack Tretton sales have doubled in North America.

Now selling for USD 499, sales have shot up at five of North America's leading retailers.

"Since Monday, sales of the 60GB PS3 have doubled at our top five retailers," said Tretton during Sony's E3 conference.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

the video game gods are starting to smile upon thee Sony! Good times indeed. :) 10,000,000 PS3's sold worldwide by the end of the year??? Its Possible.

goonerfied3903d ago

unlikely. we can always dream thogh

Adamalicious3903d ago

I think they're in for a great holiday season with all the sweet exclusives and the price drop. Don't know if they'll hit 10 million, but I'd bet they sell about a million in December.

sony fan3903d ago

Yea, we better jump all over this, even though it is only people who were going to buy the PS anyway, but now are giving sony less money than they woulld have for it. Yea, lets all pretend this is new market, thats right, NEW MARKET we will say. Go sony.

Greysturm3903d ago

Which is well within reach as they have already shipped about 6 million

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SimmoUK3903d ago

After that E3 showing I think were going to be seeing alot more sold in the coming month's think how many cards they've saved for TGS as well!

Violater3903d ago

The juggernaut has started on its run.
Soon anything in its way is going to get run the F#$% over

harpua3903d ago

PS3 is on fire right now...

Rockstar3903d ago


Bubble for you sir, that sh!t is funny.

likeaboss3023903d ago

If you go to selling one per store a day to two per store a day I'd guess that would be double. ;) j/k Seriously though I'm going to pickup one at some point when all this content they are showing is on the shelf for me to buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.