E3 2007: No Home for PSP?

PSP gamers waiting patiently for Sony's announcement of its PlayStation Network features (including PlayStation Network buddy lists and online play, PlayStation Store purchases, and the HOME gaming network) were shut down yet again as Sony made no mention of plans or even intents of bringing these incredible and useful features to its PlayStation Portable. Adding more salt to the wounds, the Sony has announced that cellphones will be able to interact with Home...

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AznSniper3941d ago

I think we will hear more about this at TGS.

Mr_Kuwabara3941d ago

I guess they'll do something for the PSP on the long run.

EZCheez3941d ago

If they added Home functionality to mobile phones i'm sure there will be PSP functionality at some point in time, albeit limited.

My letdowns of the Sony briefing were:

1. No PSP Store

2. No firmware updates. I had my fingers crossed.