E3 2007: Halo 3 Single-Player Preview

TeamXbox get to play the first level of Halo 3.

"Not only did I get to see the campaign being played, I actually got to check out a sizable chunk of the game's first level. Before the action began, we found ourselves in the "Campaign Lobby" where players will be able to set up the game, selecting both the levels and the individual segments that make them up. All of the game's modes will start in a lobby of sorts, be it Campaign, Theater, or Multiplayer.

After a brief loading screen (during which particles come together to form a halo), we were thrown into the game's first level, which will be called Sierra 117. Jarrard was playing on the Heroic difficulty, starting at what was being referred to as "Rally Point Alpha." We were told that the part we were seeing was actually about a third of the way into the level, as they didn't want to ruin the opening for us. What we did notice right off the bat was the fact that while we were playing as Master Chief, our old buddy the Arbiter was fighting right alongside us and had a green arrow above his head that allowed us to spot him at any time. We asked Frankie about the, ahem, possibility of playing with a friend who was controlling the Arbiter, and he mentioned that, yes, that sure would be cool. Damn you Frankie!"

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the_round_peg3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

"Once the event ended, the majority of the journalists on hand streamed into the warm Santa Monica night, heading back to their hotel rooms to write up what they saw. However, for a lucky handful the night was not over...Microsoft is showing off many of the year’s most anticipated titles behind closed doors,... "

The article completely skips over Killzone 2 and pretends it does not exist. Microsoft and Bungie need to come up with some sort of response to Killzone 2, because it's totally humiliating Halo 3. (And I'm not one of those PS3 fanboys or Sony Protection Groupies.)

the_round_peg3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

RE: Bungie has become complacent and arrogant

It's the morning after Microsoft E3 2007 Keynote and Halo 3 campaign trailer. Last night Sony ambushed Halo 3 with private demos of Killzone 2 right after Microsoft's keynote. So I have heard. So. This morning I woke up an looked for news on E3 (and Halo 3). What did I see?

Killzone 2. Killzone 2. Killzone 2.

Everyone out there is talking about Killzone 2. "Killzone 2 is amazing!" "Killzone 2 is stunning!" "Killzone 2 delivers!" "Killzone 2 is the best looking console game this year!" Nobody except the most hardcore fans even cares about Halo 3 anymore.

The graphics in last night's Halo 3 trailer is an improvement from beta, but it's still disappointing. So I have to be worried for Halo 3. I'm here in this forum looking for Bungie's reaction. I hope Bungie will actually do something to remedy the situation. What is Bungie doing to salvage the situation? Absolutely Nothing. Nada. Bungie's reaction: bury its head in the hole on the ground and pretend Killzone 2 does not exist.

And don't tell me BS like, "oh, you can't please the masses!" Because if Killzone 2 could deliver, if Killzone 2 could deliver that kind of amazing visuals and bells and whistles, so should Halo 3. And it's not like Bungie did not know what's coming. Sony showed the Killzone 2 teaser back in 2005.

Let just hope Bungie's response this time won't be: "Oh, we really do not care about competition. We are only competing with ourselves. Even if Halo 3 came out with monochrome colors, people will still buy it when it comes out! It's Halo."

The release is only two months away, so it is already too late for Bungie to do anything now. I tell you what Halo 3's problem is. Bungie became complacent after the success of Halo and Halo 2. Bungie got arrogant. So this time they are going to get their arse kicked by Killzone. Well, I am sure Halo 3 will be a bestseller. People have already made 4 million pre-orders based on its reputation. But after Halo 3, then no one will ever get excited over Halo anymore. Killzone 2 along with Bungie's ineptitude will kill the Halo franchise.

Daz3877d ago

They are not going to get there arsed kicked or killed by killzone because its not on the 360 so it carnt and if hardcore gamers are gamers they will buy both.

MK_Red3877d ago

This is from TeamXbox so dont dont have to mention it but I agree that they could have, at least speaking about others.

calderra3877d ago

What response does Bungie need?
"Killzone 1 was mediocre at best. Comparitively, Halo and Halo 2 were the best-selling and highest-rated console shooters in history. End."

There, I made a statement for them.

shotty3877d ago

Well your entitled to your opinion but what you are basing this on is a 1 minute trailer released by Bungie and the 2 to 3 minute trailer by Sony. To me Killzone has that murky look that resistance has, like that greyscale look, though it fits the theme of the game nicely, I feel that Halo 3 has a more crisp colour palette. Also Bungie talked alot about the scale of the game, which I doubt we are going to see until we get out hands on the game after launch.

All in all, they are 2 different games

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Monchichi0253877d ago

I have never looked forward to a game as much as I look forward to Halo 3!!!! Can't wait; it looks awesome!

Drewminati3877d ago

Just wondering if it actually have a 4 player coop mode

Daz3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Good read hopefully they show something better then the trailer what was good not great .

If you’ve got any qualms about the visual fidelity of the single-player game, let’s just put those to rest right off the bat. The segment we saw took place in a lush forest, where tall trees cut off a good deal of the sunlight and moss grew on just about every available surface. The foliage and textures looked excellent, as did the “god rays” that beamed down through gaps in the canopy,
SO i got a disagree from tacking a bit from the artical OMG.

Salvadore3877d ago

Cannot wait to get my hands on the retail version and I agree with them that MS should have showed some single player demo of a level.

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