Super Mario Galaxy 'E3 2007' trailer

The new Mario Galaxy trailer from E3 2007.

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scarlett_rg3846d ago

This looks bloody brilliant!

Bee-Mario FTW!

MyNutsYourChin3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I agree with you. This game is going to be very immersive and epic. I'm guessing many people will get irritated and frustrated with the "size" and challenges of Super Mario Galaxy but I think the fans and those who have a rekindled interest in Nintendo will find this game to be outstanding.

Andres3846d ago

It looks nice. This,Mario kart and Super Paper Mario (which is not released in Europe btw :s) are the only games I want for the WII. Most of the rest is too gimmicky for me.

ItsDubC3846d ago

Wow. This game seems to make great use of 3D space. 3D graphics have been around for a while, but I feel like 3D gameplay has been lacking in comparison. This brings the platform genre to a whole new level.

PS360WII3846d ago

Indeed the way every land area is being used seemed to open the game up to a whole new challange. Plus a bunch of new powers to use ^^

r10003846d ago

Ok... that was awesome.... My wii is still packed in it's original box. this game will be the reason to unpack it....

good job nintendo...

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