Strategy Informer Reviews NIER

From "Nier, it turns out, couldn't have positioned itself further from expectations of a Square-Enix console release if it tried. Sure enough, the convoluted plotline, colourful fantasy setting and stereotypical character design may pledge themselves to deceive in pre-release screenshots, but everything changes once you see this thing move - and more importantly, talk.

Initially set in the year 2049, our titular hero opens his quest as a bedraggled survivor of a near-future plague, holed up in a partially-destroyed shop with nothing but his weapon, a mysterious book and a terminally ill daughter to protect. These opening sections introduce basic combat and movement tutorials, before transitioning to a fantasy village some 1300 years into the future. Yonah - Nier's daughter - is still afflicted by a creeping dark illness, and with nary a mention of the previous section, we're off to find a cure."

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