Major Nelson comments about the removal of paper manuals

Major Nelson gives his opinion about the recent news of Ubisoft removing paper manuals from their game packages.

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AAACE53158d ago

Is this really that big of an issue? Probably 70-80% of gamers never even look at the paper manual!

claterz3158d ago

95% of people didn't use other Os but that that was a huge issue =P
keep paper manuals!!! The people who don't want them can just not look at it lol, keep the manuals and everyone is happy.

BldyShdw3158d ago

I dont know about anyone else but I hate opening a game box only to see nothing but a disc...boring

GrieverSoul3158d ago

I´m part of those! :)
To me it doenst bother one bit but I do understand how others feel.
I remember when music cds brought a 10 page "manual" with lyrics and the singers bio and stuff and I loved it! Right now its just a thin paper with a photo on the front and a website link in the back saying: "for lyrics and singers info visit" and I hate that.
Depending on the type of game the manual might have its importance. An RPG game manual is a must for me but an action title manual doesnt even leave the case. ;)

EvilBlackCat3158d ago

oh yeah we have manuals inside our games

HolyOrangeCows3158d ago

I always look at the manuals before playing the game, and look at it if I forget how to do something.

Expect all Microsoft published games not to include paper manuals any more. All to save 3 cents.

Brklynty13158d ago

Either way you can still read the manual, digitaly, or physicaly, on to the next one please.

van-essa3158d ago

People defending this, you know you're going to be paying more for less right?

Brklynty13158d ago

Because you are paying for a game + manual no? Ok you payed your $60 to get the game + manual, its just the manual is in the game now. What are you losing? The feel of the manual? Come on people, your crying over a a 7-15 page book now? I'd understand if it was last gen where they were like 20-40 pages, but really, what the manual tells you, the game does too. But some people just like the manual I guess. And before you guys go and say but the publisher is just trying to save a quick dime....piracy takes away from their sales, so yea. The only publishers that don't get pirated are pubs that do PS3 exclusive games and Sony themselves, either than that, they've all been pirated.

Reibooi3158d ago

I think it really depends on the game. Most people would go to the manual to look up something the game never explained to them. So as long as the game has a very good tutorial and the player is never left confused then who needs the manual.

The issue here is that it's most likely being taken out because of cost and Ubi would like say save a few bucks per package. However I am sure the player will never see those savings.

Christopher3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

*opens Demon's Souls game manual*

*rereads Nelson's comment*

*looks back at Demon's Souls game manual*

*shakes head in shame*

As I've said, manuals aren't necessary for most games made because most games made are typical FPS/TPS without much need for story except what's presented in the game itself. But, there are a ton of games that are vastly improved with the addition of a manual, especially RPGs.

The #1 reason why manuals have degraded isn't because they couldn't be better but because they now have to fit in the new slim DVD/Blu-ray cases. There's a lot of use to be had out of manuals, but the packaging just doesn't allow for it.

So, manuals haven't gone the way of the do-do because of the content, the content has gone to sh1te because of the packaging.

Nevers3158d ago

old retro paper manuals.. the artwork for Zelda and FFs (among others) were amazing and inspired me as a young artist. These days, good artwork being found in a paper manual is like 1 outta every 10 games... maybe.

I don't like the idea of seeing them go... however I'll live w/o them if there's nothing more than instruction in the manuals.

Is this so they can say .. "oh this one is the more expensive manual'd-edition. If you want the paper manual you pay extra" ... in a industry where greed is an ever increasing business model, I can see this happening.

BYE3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

It might not be a big deal when you look at the manual issue alone. Well it is, if you look at rich and entertaining manuals like MGS4 or Demon's Souls.

But the point is publishers shouldn't get away with keeping on cutting down costs on the customer. A game case is built to hold a manual.

I like using Steam too, but if I buy a game in a box, a manual belongs in there. Period.

FragMnTagM3157d ago

They should allow you to download a digital manual on the games website. That way, you could view it online, and print it out if you really wanted a hard copy. Problem solved, and it would be a lot easier and cheaper than printing them and including them in case.

Foliage3157d ago

I see this as another step closer to digital distribution.

Eventually they would have to figure out a way to replace the game manual. Think of all the legal stuff they hide in there, or all the basic tutorials and guidelines for new users. In a digital distribution era, this stuff will have to be made available digitally (surprise!).

I personally think it is ridiculous to only have the option to own something digitally, but since most countries run off of currency printed on paper... this will fit right in with the mantra of paying for the belief that you own something.

Alvadr3157d ago

Seeing the manual in the box with the nice logo on the front is part of opening the game for the first time.

Plus I like to pick it up and sniff it... Mmmmmm manual!

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Gamer7l3158d ago

Will they be including the info on the disc (wouldn't take more than a few Mbs) , or will they just make it available for download?

PainisCupcake3158d ago

Keep the manuals in the box but just through them in a recycle bin....

karlowma3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

First it's the manual, then it's the disc. Soon we'll be buying download coupons at retail. Digital distribution +1, production values -100.

kwyjibo3158d ago

If by production values, you mean needless, wasteful packaging and pointless distribution miles, you'd be correct.

Why don't you go back to tapes. Remember tapes? Yeah.

Digital distribution is coming, whether you like it or not. Because it's better.

karlowma3158d ago

When you assume, you make an ass out of u... The rest doesn't apply here.

I am a big fan of digital distribution. I am also, however, a big fan of getting something tangible for my money. There's a big difference between owning a game, and owning a license to download and play a game.

I have purchased many games through Steam, Impulse, and Direct2Drive. For titles that I am really looking forward too, though, I still like to go through the whole pre-order/pickup/eagerly flip through the manual & other materials (maps, supplementary materials, etc) process.

And I don't get the tape analogy either. Here's one for you though. Has the availability of services like Netflix put Blockbuster out of business? There are obviously still a lot of people, just like me, who like physical products, as well as digitally distributed items. You don't have to choose one or the other, you know.

kvg883158d ago

in the future, you will have a digital copy of a game, pay same price as retail version only: no resale value, no returns, no trade ins

companies like Gamestop will crumble under this, the electronics section at Wal-Mart will dwindle.

This applies to all forms of media - movie stores, cd stores, video rental stores - digital downloading is anti-economic.

If this goes mainstream, so many people are going to lose their jobs, its not even going to be fit.

Just look at the monopoly Netflix is trying to build, its insane - all our money will be going into one pocket.

kwyjibo3158d ago

Wow, 16 disagrees, you guys must really love your boxes.

Nice going on the Blockbuster front, they announced that they may be facing bankruptcy in March. And their share price has only recently (last week or so) recovered slightly because they think they'll get away without resorting to bankruptcy. It's not exactly a great example.

Yes, a lot of unskilled temporary workers are going to lose their jobs, when this inefficient retail chain collapses. When publishers stop hiking up their digital prices (which they only do to keep their retailer partners happy), GameStop et al will die.

I mean, "digital downling is anti-economic"? What sort of bullsh*t thinking is that. iTunes is anti-economic right? I mean, Apple just announced a fantastic quarter, their market capitalisation may beat Microsoft soon, and you're saying their appstore is anti-economic? The word anti-economic does not even make sense.

Digital distribution is a good thing. It means your money goes into game development, and not into the rental of retail real estate.

karlowma3158d ago

Okay you're right, Blockbuster was a bad example. I wasn't aware they had been mulling over bankruptcy protection, but you are absolutely right. I was really only illustrating the difference between an analogy that makes sense, though you have shown it to be inaccurate, and one that doesn't (ie: cassette tapes).

I only disagreed once. ;) Stating your case in a more considerate manner will generate less negative feedback.

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militant073158d ago

I didnt look at most of the manuals but I DONT KNOW i repeat I DONT KNOW want to buy any game that dosen't include manuals.
Its like buying a used game.

PainisCupcake3158d ago

"I DONT KNOW want to buy any game that dosen't include manuals"

Once again in English lol

Nihilism3158d ago

I'd love to see your chinese and see you do better...

PainisCupcake3158d ago

and I'm suppose to know someone is Chinese how? like I give a toss.


militant073158d ago

lol,srry I mean I DONT NOT*


White-Sharingan3158d ago

at militant07:

I think you mean "I do not" or "I don't" * but don't worry, your native language isn't English so its understandable.

On Topic: I prefer them selling games without manuals, although I do love manuals, I just read it for the first 5 minutes and never see it again. Some of my games get their manuals lost as well. If its better for the environment, it's okay with me to stop producing useless things. The future is obviously Digital Download.

pantatkaula3158d ago

I think what he meant is he do not want to buy games without manual.

militant073158d ago

heh, i dont know whats wrong with me today :S

and again yes I mean I dont ^_^

im totaly agnist this sh!t ,Im a collector you can see that by viewing my profile, over that the price will ramin same!

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