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Red Dead Redemption is looking like another killer hit from Rockstar. The game is so good, in fact, that it will make you wish you were a real life cowboy. And just like a real life cowboy, you'll want to start shooting everyone that messes with you.

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Crazyglues3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

where he call him gay, and he shots him in the leg.... LMAO

(now that's some good acting, because he was screaming like a little baby... throw down that monitor... OMG!! I laughed so hard right there... )

IGN and some Coffee in the morning is all I need for it to be a good day... LOL

Hilarious - Red Dead Redemption is already Pre-ordered -Can't wait to check it out... Game looks like it's going to be a lot of fun..

I went with Amazon and got Release day delivery and a $10 dollar gift card and bonus-content just for pre-ordering...

Looks like - May 18th - Crazyglues will be heading out West... Partner..

I'll do a full review for you guys who may be holding out until they can get some regular guy feedback..

- I know it's hard to tell if it will be good from the videos they put out but I think it looks pretty good and should be a really good game - after reading the IGN Hands-on Review I decided to take a chance and get it, so I know people might be on the fence on this one.

-but the game really looks good... -May 18th- hurry up and get here.