New Halo: Reach shots show character customization options

Bungie released new screenshots that show off some of the options that players have to customize their character.

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MiamiACR3155d ago

Now that's what you call customization, finally they have seemed to have gotten it right (As far as halo's limited customization options seem to go) and it looks like it's going to be very enjoyable, as we know the gameplay will be Titanium solid as usual.

vhero3155d ago

Something that should have been in the game a long time ago but I agree they got it right with this and it will impress a lot of users. As they say every little helps. Options like this are my main reasons for buying games usually as I like customization in my game.. Soon as I start working again I might step up the plate and buy my 4th 360. Damn consoles costing me too much but then how would MS have them high numbers if you didn't have to go through a new console every year?

Gamer7l3155d ago

Wow....the only thing more pathetic than your rampant Sony fanboyism, is your lame attempts at stealth trolling.

Take your PS3-humping crap >>>>>>

darkequitus3155d ago

What vhero, 4 RROD? Then you are a cretin buying (yeh, right you are) a new console each time rather than use the 3 yr warrant. You are full of crap. What happens when you send you 360 off to repair? You get the same serial number back what does that say to you.

testerg353155d ago

vhero, so by your logic the install base of the 360 should be less than half of the PS3. Please explain then why games tend to outsell their PS3 counterpart?

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Natsu X FairyTail3155d ago

Nice. I'm making an all red spartan. Suwoop

SixZeroFour3155d ago

i think its just the lighting and positioning, but the red spartan on the 12th screen looks awesome

Umbrella Corp3155d ago

Halo Reach,Alan Wake,Gears of War 3 will be the three reasons I will not see my family for a couple of months.Especially all the games coming out on other consoles like Peace Walker,Birth by Sleep the 3DS in October ect...
The custimization looks sick but I hope there wont be DLC for sprites I would just not buy it.

Convas3155d ago

LOL, this isn't Legend of Zelda or some other 2D RPG/Platformer. They actually us 3D character models in today's world. GASP!

atticus143155d ago

Yeah I'm with you, I haven't played Halo in a long time - becuase i just never really got into it, not because it was bad, its just if i wanted to play an FPS i would rather just do it on PC with a mouse, but as time has passed I can warm up to console shooters much easier now and throw me some nice customization stuff and I'll definitely take a look - but if you make all the custom stuff so generic just because you want to sell DLC, you'll end right back on the do not want list - obviously some DLC is inevitable - thats O.K. (well not really, but whatever - remember when this stuff used to be unlocks for beating a game?) just dont totally gimp it.

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FragMnTagM3155d ago

With the amount of customizations options available, even when the game is Team Slayer, you would still look unique. This is great and I am glad Bungie is a developer in the current generation of consoles.

I can only imagine what the game scene would be like if they would have started out on the 8 bit systems.

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