IGN AU: Nier Review

Nier is a game with split-personality disorder, aiming to please everyone with elements drawn from a raft of sources, but in the process it never excels in any one area. While IGN does appreciate that a game like this tends to take more risks than a franchise hit like Final Fantasy, they can't help but wonder if Nier might've been a better game if it had focussed in on delivering a few key elements exceptionally well, rather than spreading itself so thinly and watching the good ideas go to waste.

Presentation - 7.5
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 7.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.5
Overall -

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Demons Souls3131d ago

Another flop by Square-Enix.

tplarkin73131d ago

Square Enix makes 7s. They're the new Midway.

Dragun6193131d ago

"The character designs are equally hit-and-miss; Nier himself is unappealing and forgettable as a lead character.

If Nier himself seems out of place in his own game, perhaps Square Enix have the answer – seeing as the Japanese release of the game on PS3 (titled Nier Replicant) originally had a much younger character in the lead role, and he was out to save his sister rather than his daughter. The weird chop-job is occasionally noticeable through the stilted dialogue and cliched twists. "

I thought about getting this but after reading this review and not enjoying the character change for Nier, I think I might just skip this or wait for the price to drop, unless SE offers the Replicant version which they should have done in the first place.

RosoTron363131d ago

I just don't understand what they are trying to do exactly with the change... Target new demographic or what?? The new artistic approach is intriguing game-wise, but I'm not quite buying into it right now...

ClownBelt3131d ago

Old grandpa appeal to the Western audience


Metrosexual appeal to Japanese audience


SpoonyRedMage3130d ago

the older Nier is the original! He was the first thing revealed about the fecking game! The bishounen one is the changed one made to appeal to the Japanese and Weaboos.

Baba19063131d ago

well what kind of makes not want this game is the grafics. the videos i have a seen look really avarage, almost bad. comparing to games like gow3 or darksiders or Bayonetta, it just turned me totaly off.

nooj3131d ago

I dont know why people keep saying Square enix, all they did was publish the game NOT develop it, CAVIA DEVELOPED IT. so if the game does bad blame them not square enix.

tplarkin73130d ago

Publishers needs to do thier homework, too. Many bad game developers can't find publishers. The reason is that their game is bad. Square Enix needs to be more like Capcom and less like Sega.

mastiffchild3130d ago

Why, SF aside, Sega have given me, as dev AND publisher, more games I've enjoyed than Capcom this generation. Capcom LAST gen is a different matter but overall, your point about publishers being more careful about what they put their name to is fair enough.

The issue with SE might well be Wada's obsession with westernising the games SE are associated with. I'm no expert on the issue but is it coincidence that, yet gain, we have an SE published game which has big concessions for the western market? TLR was meant to be more western, FF13 more FPS inspired and western and now Nier? Whatever, at a guess I'd say the bulk of the blame for the SE 7/10 train could be put at the feet of this desire to make more western flavoured games- or be publishing them.

Chris3993131d ago

It's from Cavia. And I really like those devs (Drakengard).

Most of my favorite games are 7/10s anyhow :) They should have kept the original main for the NA version though.

The old man/ daughter thing seems out of place. You can tell that they kind of tacked it on.

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The story is too old to be commented.