Super Street Fighter IV Breaks Street Date

DualShockers writes, "Looks like the Mom and Pop shops are at it again. Unless some other giant gaming store that shall remain nameless is up to something sneaky, it seems these shops are giving themselves the head start with the hugely anticipated Super Street Fighter IV. Need actual proof? Just take a look at the picture below! I'm sure everyone is a bit jealous right about now of this player who is representing his fighting game of choice a bit early over the PlayStation Network. Time to start checking your local shops as soon as possible!"

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Hitman07693160d ago

Now if only the arcade stick bundle street date was broken!!!!

Brklynty13160d ago

I'll just say this:

The game is faster

Dudley is beast

Juri is BEAST!

Cody is trash.

WetN00dle693160d ago

WOw 50 bucks besides the game price!
Thats highway robbery. one of the local stores in my area likes to beak street date on most games. And the good thing is that they only charge me 75.

Myst3160d ago

Juri is a beast huh? Looks like I won't have problems with my main then >:D.

I heard though that she has powerful attacks but is rather weak in defense. One of those striker type characters.

GameGambits3160d ago

Mine is set to arrive any minute from FedEx.

If Gamestop, Best Buy, etc REALLY wanted to compete with big name titles like this they should stop making these stupid contracts with game developers about street dates.

The developers just want money, so what's the harm in when the place gets the game early to sell it and get you your profits? Sure the release date might be a few days later or a week later, and casuals WILL go pick it up then, but you may as well have the hard core gamers get at it ASAP---they are the ones who give your games hype enough so that it reaches the casuals.

Eclipso3160d ago

Interesting, I have read (eventhubs)and seen nothing but good things about Cody,its all personal opinion.

Brklynty13160d ago

Not $50+$40 for the game, I mean total he payed $50, $10 to get it early.

Baka-akaB3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Dudley was dubbed the next OP character as soon as footage of him appeared , but quickly while a pretty great character , chinks appeared in the armor (like Dudley has no good reversal besides EX Jet Upper).

While his ducking goes blow akuma's air fireballs , he stil can have some hard time against zoning/fireballs chars . But once he get's in and close OMG the damage...if he touches you, there goes 50% of your life and a knockdown(and maybe cornered). Not to mention that he can punish teleports

Cody is pretty much as good so far .He has great angles, range, and speed on his normal moves. This is where he is most effective because he is very good at the close range counter hitting game. This also sets up for him to go for his exceptionally strong crossup game and pretty good rushdown game.

Hitman07693159d ago

"The developers just want money"

The reason why it matters to them (slightly) when the game is released is because of the amounts of marketing, advertising, and various other forms of hype applied to the title. This all cost lots of money. It's the same reason everyone denies a project until the commercial is ready to be aired on the Fallon show. Starting to get the picture? Sure, they probably do not care if you get it early. But overall they want that marketing money to mean something and so they are still going to have the street dates and will still loosely regulate the industry to maintain those dates for the most part. The other reason is it provides the potential for messing up their precious short term sales statistics. So while they do only want your money, they DO CARE about how their millions in marketing looks to the analysts in terms of effectiveness. They do not want that undermined to look stupid to the executives and etc etc.

GameGambits3159d ago

@hitman. I totally am aware of the marketing, etc that goes into the game and its release date. I figured if I touched on that in my post it would be become tl;dr in terms of length for people on here.

I will just quickly say that it's one thing to keep mums on announcing a game. You should do that to garner some anticipation, excitement, etc amongst the hardcore gamers and internet dwellers such as n4g users, ign forum, neogaf, etc.

It's another thing for Gamestop to not sell a game when they have it. The commercials will be out, the date will be plastered all over the place, internet media, etc. What I think I'd change from now is, "Available everywhere XX date." That way---everyone should be able to get the game on that day, but that way it doesn't limit people getting it early from a place such as Gamestop.

The places usually get the shipments 7days or so early. At this point it's like the hardcore are probably either behind it or not, the casuals have heard wind of it or are going to be seeing TV spots, etc. You really wouldn't be harming your media push in anyway. I mean if you saw a Gears of War 3 TV commercial that was awesome 1 week early before the release, and you were a casual gamer, but liked the commercial to say, "Holy crap I want to play that NOW!" You could probably get that person to buy it that same day if the store has shipments. Let's face it, a casual might not even pick it up on the street date because they are busy with work, school, etc, BUT if you catch them at home at a free moment with a great TV ad or a website promo---BOOM they might make a trip to their local Gamestop to see if they can get it.

It's just about time people started thinking outside the box with this whole street date release bull crap. If the game has gone gold, it's out at stores, sell it. You are NOT harming your overall sales I would wager and I'd bet that you'd probably HELP them----ESPECIALLY in the case of SSF4. This game has been pirated by 360 users already, if they had bumped up the release date, then that means LESS people are likely to go illegaly download, or learn how to mod their 360s to get at it, etc.

That's just my 2 cents. :)

Baka-akaB3159d ago

i wouldnt blame store breaking the dates . in fact everyone with the game should just have .

With the temptation of the iso been leaked one week ago , it would be silly to keep holding it back .

A huge portion of the current ssf4 news , videos feeds and tidbits comes from illegal copies being played right now .

Zulwarn3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

have you guys seen this ?


Baka-akaB3159d ago

Yeah but it's hardy that easy with a moving target , and will be killed quickly , like last time

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JoelT3160d ago

now i can pick this up tomorrow and practice all weekend long!

Tuesday will be a day of pwnage.

Ninferno3160d ago

wow and look at me here waiting like a sucker...

Ninferno3160d ago

cant wait to get my hands on this one!

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