Sony's PlayStation Network adds MLB.TV to its lineup

Baseball fans around the country will now have a new avenue avenue to watch America's past time. Sony and Major League Baseball have reached a deal to bring to the Playstation 3 via the Playstation Network.

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Skyreno3157d ago

thats cool!!!! >> i wish they have gone to thing much better, >> im not a baseball fan lol

Gandalf3157d ago

I want a Foxy Boxing channel.

feelintheflow3157d ago

but hey its a start, I will take it.

RosoTron363157d ago

I'm sure they'll incorporate the NBA eventually; maybe next season? Baseball makes since right now since the season is still fresh.

mikeslemonade3157d ago

The NBA regular season just ended so it would be until October realistically for them to start this program. I like NFL and NBA, but I hate baseball in general.

N4BmpS3157d ago

Hmmm not a bad move. Now lets talk about ESPN and other stuff.

badz1493157d ago

looking how Sony is making and publishing MLB The Show games (which to be honest, way superior than the competitors!) although I think NBA or NFL would attract much more audiences but seeing how their NBA games are not the top player in the genre and with EA having the tight grip on NFL license, MLB will do for now! we know they'll try to expand later! afterall, Sony is competing with M$ to be the sole home entertainment center ! these extra features will only keep coming! consumers WIN!

Lifendz3157d ago

when/if that NFL exclusive deal with Directtv expires and something like this but with the NFL is made available.


Now thats what I'm talking about right there give us more TV options with our consoles. Hope one day I can say goodbye to cable TV.

atticus143157d ago

If you want NBA, you might be able to use the league pass broadband on your ps3 browser - if its really of interest to you. But it might require a special software D/L so I would search around for it. A bit too much $ for me though; it's an O.K. deal if you live and breath to watch Bball, but when you are only loyal to one team its kind of a large investment, especially if a decent amount of games come on T.V. anyway.

PoSTedUP3157d ago

yeah NFL is more popular in america. i personally like hockey more but i have all the hockey channels so... i vote for football.

callahan093157d ago

This is awesome. I really wish the NFL would do something like this. You can only watch NFL games on after they've aired (re-runs) with a paid subscription. If you want live action, you can only get a radio audio feed (also requires a paid subscription). It's pretty silly. I don't have DirecTV satellite, so I can't get the NFL Sunday Ticket, and I don't live in the same state as my favorite team so most seasons I end up having to rely on the radio feed or going to an expensive bar to experience my team's games. It stinks. If the NFL had a subscription service like this, I would pay for it in a heart beat!

darx3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

The NBA blows!

MLB is the most fan accessible in my opinion. I think I may return my Roku box now. Only reason I got the damn thing and I am still getting the coming soon.

And the NFL is pretty much a whore.

Bnet3433157d ago

Well Sony is a Japanese company and they like baseball alot so maybe they wanted MLB first. I like basketball but the NBA really sucks. The playoffs never have upsets or any sort of drama, it's always the best team who wins so it's very predictable and therefore makes it sort of out of whack. That's why that 20 inning Mets Cubs game got higher ratings than the playoff games of NBA. Just saying.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213157d ago

I don't know if you already knew this, but MLB is much more popular than NBA...

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AK463157d ago

Nice! i wish Canadians would get all those PSN features. All we get is the PSN games & demos/trailers. Our Canadian government/CRTC is very strict when it comes to foreign content, but on the bright side we get free health care.

Philaroni3157d ago

We get Free Health Care now too in the USA :)

Crusade3157d ago

No. We have mandated health care provided via private insurance companies which was made necessary to prevent discrimination due to a pre-existing condition. If we were to actually get universal health care in the US people would riot. Especially since they rioted just because we got minor reform.

On topic: Someone I love loves baseball but I strongly prefer football. I wish I liked baseball so I could play the show, I'm never buying a madden game.

Pennywise3157d ago

Crusade... Minor reform? I find nothing minor about having to pay for someone else's healthcare.... but lets not get all political!

We get to watch baseball from XMB! This doesn't impress me, but I like where this could be heading.


I don't know why there doing this ps3 gamers won't be watchung it. I will be busy playing my games on my ps3.

Raoh3157d ago

a few reasons.

sports, like sex sells

marketing dollars, sony has a baseball game franchise, sony ps3's and tv's at yankee stadium, at the soccer matches its pretty much sony land with their ads everywhere

most importantly, living room dominance.. if your only using your console for gaming your a dying breed.. they got you core gamer, now when you get up and are done playing they want your mom, girlfriend, etc to sit down and do something with the console..

i stream movies through my ps3, log on to pandora during the holidays and the family passes the keyboard i laid out and enters artists names throughout the party night, my brother in texas and my family will video chat during the holidays using the ps3..

N4BmpS3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Yeah and MLB The Show is doing fairly well I'm the folk who bought those copies would be happy to have an MLB channel.

Not to mention they have the minority but they want a majority (mostly MLB lovers but that's for now).

schlanz3157d ago

Oh, I forgot. Baseball fans don't like video games, right? And gamers don't like baseball... so yeah, useless feature. Thanks for helping me figure that one out.

Philaroni3157d ago

Thia is quite cool, wish it was NFL but I am sure it will come soon enough. Good to see Sony doing something ahead of MS and something quite good as well. Hope to see more.

Raoh3157d ago


i hope, but doubt, that some of their future network partnerships are region free

i've been getting into soccer lately.. most of my lunch hours have been at a local irish pub where its soccer all day every day, really liking the sport.. i have basic television service so i wouldnt really pay for baseball but i would probably consider a soccer network

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