Left 4 Dead 2 Servers Down for Maintenance

In preparation for the upcoming DLC that will be released tomorrow for Left 4 Dead 2, Valve have decided to take the servers offline for maintenance.

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jamesgtaiv2834d ago



maawdawg2833d ago

after sitting in a lobby with a few friends for like 15 minutes around 9pm EST last night and wondering what was going on we finally guessed this was the issue. Apparently they started up in a couple hours. I was hoping to get a last couple rounds in before the DLC today but I'll survive.

midgard2272833d ago

lol and u guys pay for live downtime. thats messed up, they shud give u discounts on dlc

maawdawg2833d ago

servers down once for two hours since release. Live wasn't down, just Valve's matchmaking server. You could still local host a multiplayer game and play with friends, which I did. Or I could just play another game for a night.

Not a big deal at all.

bioshock12212833d ago

Learn to read next time instead of just commenting and not reading what an idiot lol. It says "Left 4 Dead 2 Servers" are down not xbox live servers.

Anyways I was trying to play some left 4 dead 2 yesterday and it said no one was playing I was like WTF it's impossible someone has to be playing this game but I guess this was the problem. As long as it doesn't take to long I'm good.

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