The "Dangers" of Buying MMORPG Powerleveling

The developers of Aion, NCsoft have teamed up with Rooster Teeth to educate MMORPG players about the "dangers" of buying a powerleveling service.

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ruibo3163d ago

I agree with the message, but this video is the epitome of forced comedy, broken logic, idiotic delivery. I would love to see Aion and NCsoft succeed but this is just making me lose confidence in their products while their subscriber base continues to dip.

DeeBee3162d ago

I agree the video was pretty stupid.

Baka-akaB3162d ago

i really tried to like it , the idea was great , but the execution and lines were stupid .. and not the funny kind of stupid

Christopher3162d ago

They need a video that clearly states the issue. took them how many minutes before they started even really talking about it? And, yeah, just not entertaining, funny, whatever else it would take to get people to be engaged with the video and its message.

Raypture3162d ago

Pretty dumb, true most are scams but some are legit, just seems more like a crappy campaign to get people not to use powerleveling services to me.

Senden3162d ago

There is nothing wrong with powerleveling.. if you use your brain, it's not hard to find legit ones. Most mmo developers moan about it but imo they only have themselves to blame.. people have lives and simply don't have the time on their hands to compete in an mmo or level at the same speed as some of their friends so why not pay for a small price to have their character leveled? Same with gold.. who wants to spend hours doing boring repetitive things for gold when you can buy it for such cheap prices.. destroy the game economy sure to a point but developers could counter this by making it easy enough to make money and put set limits on the cost of stuff.

bigminibo3158d ago

I completely agree. In some recent survey, the average gamer only plays 6-7 hours a week. If that "average" player wanted to hit 70 in wow, it'll take them between 6-9 months just to be able to start raiding.

bigminibo3158d ago

The faster a player gets to level cap and go through endgame, the faster they tend to quit and move on. Hence, they do not want power leveling.