E3 2007: Haze PS3 Exclusivity Q&A plus New E3 Trailer & Screens

One of Sony's biggest reveals at its 2007 E3 press conference is the fact that Ubisoft's first-person shooter Haze isn't multiplatform on day one anymore. Though rumors have been circulating for months that it would go PS3 only, the company finally confirmed that it's exclusively for PS3 today. As an added bonus, it has also confirmed that players will be able to take arms both as Mantel and the rebels fighting against it.

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TheFamilyGuy4023d ago

IGN: Is it a permanent exclusive or will it be timed, ala Oblivion?

Key: Haze will only be found on PS3 this holiday season, and will remain exclusive through the first quarter of the calendar year.

So yeah, i guess Xbox 360 will be seeing Haze in 2008.

nice_cuppa4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

more online, better frame rate, better lighting and fsaa.

you know what other game was lead platform ps3 dont yoy blaze ?

vf5 !

do you see ?

yes shakka it is.

i love my wii, pc, 360, ds and psp but i sold my ps3 !!!

maybe i will get another next year for kz2, mgs4 and ff13.

hazeblaze4023d ago

Unfortunately not. Free Radical confirmed that the PS3 is the lead platfrom... meaning that the game is designed from the ground up for the PS3 and will then just be ported down to the 360. They've stated that the PS3 will be the premier platform for this game.

ShAkKa4023d ago

cuppa on this latter days your xbox famboysm is coming to light eh?

kewlkat0074023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

what do people see in this game? I just can't see this being better than Halo, or some other FPS's, when I look at these screens, it looks like another FPS. Anyhow it will be a while till it is purchased.

Cuppa does have a point, just think about VF5(Then on PS3 and Now on 360) and you see where he might be right about some things.

boi4023d ago

stop using VF5 as example jeez...

anyways this can be something don't judge until its out...and no1 says it is better then Halo apart from fanboys!

Its like when Halo 1st came out people play it and wow boooom its a franchise...and people like you properly judge it and say ermm another shooter whatever....

rev204023d ago

For the first time xbox might start getting crap ports to it, take cod 3 for an example thats awful on ps3 no effort put into it what so ever. I dont see why the same cant start happening to 360 when games have been initially developed for ps3 due to the different technologys

Greysturm4023d ago

4 people battling it online on the same screen seems to be a fad this days

kewlkat0074023d ago

Well I'v ebeen saying this from the start, ever since the guys behind this game talk sh!t about other FPS's, when I don't see anything that different from this one. Anyhow yes wait till I play it much later.

@rev20 3.2, well quite frankly, it is becasue of the Xbox'x architecture and the ease of Tools and Support that have made some of the Multi games standout more. Plus most gmes that come out later, have the chance to look the best, as developers can add extra things..etc

I use VF5 because ot is one of the first Ports the 360 is getting from a PS3 game built form ground up. What else should I use? Look the 360 now have online play, so SEGA changed thier minds and it is getting the better version from the Arcade. So yeah that's why I use VF5 as example. Smae thing could happen with this game. I think only Oblivion notice a big difference from coming out later to the PS3.IMO

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Excalibur4023d ago

A little longer for more content.
The 360 has so many games coming out this year it dosen't matter anyway.

BIG494023d ago

but i think its a timed exclusive because they dont want it to get over shadowed by the rest of microsofts holiday line up

aiphanes4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

So by then the Xbox 360 and PC will be able to get it...thanks means April 2008!!!!

hazeblaze4023d ago

They definitely don't want it up against Halo. But Halo comes out in the Fall... and the PS3 has more blockbuster exclusives coming out this fall & winter than the 360... so I'm not sure that's really the reason. According the the devs, the game was simply built for the PS3. However, it might be possible the 360 gets some new content... then again, the PS3 might get that same new content before the game releases on the 360. Really hard to speculate anything besides the facts.

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