GameJizz, a new aggregator to compete with N4G

Front Line writes "Just when you thought gamers couldn't get any more zany, along comes GameJizz "Delivering Loads of Fresh Gaming News". The developer is hoping GameJizz will be able to compete with the likes of N4G as the next big gaming news aggregator."

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thedoctor2828d ago

These guys are absolute morons. What a waste of time and money on their part.

Jorrel562828d ago

Catchy name though rofl

HolyOrangeCows2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I'm not going to type "GameJizz".....EVER.
......oh wait.

But seriously, I'm never going to visit a site called GameJizz.
Freaking weirdos.

I'd love to see a competitor to N4G, though. One with mods that do something other than delete comments they don't like and where the users don't approve of the articles.

Noctis Aftermath2828d ago

The name alone will doom the site.

Timesplitter142828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

The name is terrible but maybe I'd go there if they allow us to speak freely, unlike here on N4G where we can't say fecal matter synonyms because it would turn all the little children into serial rapists who worship Satan

hamoor2828d ago

GAMEJIZZ?? now that is one cleaver name
but nothing will match N4G in terms of FANBOYS

young juice2828d ago

with a name like 'Gamejizz', you should be able to use all the profanity you want in the comments section

IdleLeeSiuLung2828d ago

"A slang term that is short for 'General Impression of Size and Shape'. The term is a method used to identify birds at a glance or at a distance. Experienced bird-watchers can identify a bird at a glance from it's jizz."

The logo doesn't help though!!! LOL....

Government Cheese2828d ago

I hope the fanboys here on N4G go there. God knows they sure do love to 'Gizz' on their console of choice.

RememberThe3572828d ago

The rabid fanboys keep this site exiting. Plus, the name alone makes the site seem dirty and unwelcoming.

Army_of_Darkness2828d ago

sounds like a place to get off of watching video games, rather then actually playing or talking about it.

docsavage2828d ago

Time spent, maybe an hour.
Money spent, $10.99.
Reaction from people here, priceless.

It wasn't meant to be "outed" and won't be coming live, no pun intended.

Brklynty12828d ago

This is the elite gaming new site! The king of the hill! The head capo! El Presidente of gaming news! This is NEWS 4 FANB...ER...GAMERS!

sid4gamerfreak2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

ha n4g is DA BEST

lol, itll be funny if gamejizz is dominated by ps3 fanboys...

dplayer2827d ago

How the hell did they get past the fanboys on N4G to get this published.

Checkout for Video game news aggregation without the deleting and policing.


I was told my Jizz tasted like strawberries and bananas...

Hill_billy2827d ago

When you Google "Game Jizz"... Sorry, but that is the worst name ever.

UltraNova2827d ago

Have a bubble man for making me laugh..

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Yuenanimous2828d ago

I honestly think this is a joke...

NateNater2828d ago

I honestly hope this is a joke...

BannedForNineYears2828d ago

There's no way to justify that name...
It's like, "We named it "Gamejizz" because......." xD

TheGameLlama2828d ago

This article's gonna hit 900 disease. I mean... degrees.

Speed-Racer2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Site doesnt work...wat a way to kick it off! Name is horrible as well!

GiantEnemyCrab2828d ago

"The site is located here, although it’s currently in lockdown."

Right at the bottom of the article. Lockdown = can't access

Speed-Racer2828d ago

Then why promote it now on n4g?

GiantEnemyCrab2828d ago

Dunno maybe the actual admin who is putting it together never sanctioned it and this is someone jumping the gun?

I am trying to figure out who would disagree with a quote I took right from the page? Yup, with crap like that happening all the time I would welcome an N4G replacement.

Speed-Racer2828d ago

haha yea lots of n4g people are idiots... i didnt disagree btw :P

hmm i cant wait to see this site in action and the backlash they will receive.

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