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Torch3939d ago

After seeing MS's lackluster "all smoke, no fire" presentation last night, and Nintendo's so-so kiddie-break and workout session earlier today, I was a little skeptical (but eager) to see what Sony had to offer.

I think it's needless to say that Sony have indeed brought the goods to the table. Those who've long been demanding games, announcements, exclusives (albeit arguably timed), and ground-breaking in-game razzle-dazzle, have just gotta be quenched after that show.

Personally, what most left me absolutely jaw-dropped were MGS and Killzone 2 (just gotta love that come-from-nowhere headshot intro!)...definitely be re-oogling those two videos in HD goodness later tonight.

Mission accomplished, Sony: I'm officially satisfied and pumped by what's soon to come. Just so much thrown at us to remember...absolutely fabulous.

Any gripes about the presentation? Yes, two:

1. No mentioning of mainstream streaming media such as movies and TV shows (at least from what I can recall.)

2. My damn PSP is still in absolutely perfect condition to justify the purchase of that sweet new model with the video-out I've been long yearning for...but accidents do happen, unfortunately (heh, heh!)

On a somewhat unrelated note:

Yeah, ok, I'll admit it: I seriously want one of those new Wii-Fit Boogie Boards (yeah, so??? don't KNOW me!...) ;)

(PS: I'm a little surprised that Lair and Heavenly Sword were that I think about it in retrospect, it would've been nice to hear a tidbit about an all-grown-up God of War for PS3.)