Killzone 2: Second Gameplay Footage Shown at Sony's E3 Press Conference

A new Killzone 2 gameplay footage has just been shown at the Sony's E3 Press Conference. It starts just like the video that was released earlier today but contains new gameplay sequence otherwise. The video should be available for download on the internet in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: has cut out the chunk of in-game footage that differs from the other E3 trailer. Check it out! Here's the link:

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achira3969d ago

one word: best game ever with mgs4

JIN KAZAMA3969d ago

"Best game ever with mgs4" is not 1 word. LOL, but I know what you mean.

Torch3969d ago

My sentiments exactly (well per JIN KAZAMA), following the conclusion of that outstanding presentation.

I found it amusing that, following the show, G4TV's commentator noted that MS's Peter Moore boasted yesterday that he was off to watch the Killzone 'video'.

I'll betchya that Moore's nuts are feeling really, really sore this very moment; Sony showed up with those deadly pointy c0ckroach-killer shoes today...complete with sharp spurs 'n all.

Itachi3969d ago

and jin kazama is not 2pac shakur but i know what u mean both bad mofos

hazeblaze3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I wouldn't go as far as to say best game ever. But the footage definitely owned everything showed at E3 so far. The thing that is most blowing my mind is the fact that it isn't even in the beta stage yet and looks so stunning.

This second trailer showed off a lot more of the action than the first... This game is going to be CRAZY fun to play! I can't wait.

Bubble me ppl!

Torch3969d ago

Though it's true that the title of "best game" is highly subjective, I couldn't help but feel in absolute awe while watching both in-game (keyword!) was one of those special moments where you just know you're being witness to something that's groundbreaking and pioneering.

I still can't believe the quality and detail of that MGS scene...the facial expressions were just unreal!

BTW: Consider yourself bubbled.

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Rhezin3969d ago

wonder if they will have any vehicles, if they don't i ant buying it.

Siesser3969d ago

I am ever amazed at the "one thing"s that will prevent people from buying a game.

aiphanes3969d ago

Sony did it...they showed us the two best games on the planet....

Also Haze and UT3 are bad assed too!

boi3969d ago

yea saw it and hell i admit its good...cant wait

SimmoUK3969d ago

It looked fantastic the gameplay looked awesome, just waiting for all the HD vids to roll out :)

Greysturm3969d ago

I just checked at least mgs killzone and a few others

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