European Disgaea 3 Trophy Patch Will Be Retroactive

NIS America have just confirmed that trophies will finally be coming to the European version of the game and after contacting them, they've now confirmed that the trophies will be retroactive.

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Sanrin3132d ago

Only if you're european!

Redrum0593132d ago

i hate the digaea games

Games4M - Rob3132d ago

Thanks for sharing, but don't leave us hanging there. Make sure you list all the other titles that you hate too so we can keep up with your bohemian tastes - prat.

mephman3132d ago

This is actually great news, some of the trophies take a serious amount of time to get.

ShapelyChops3132d ago

Just think how great it would be if they did this for games like GTA IV or MGS4! A step in the right direction for sure.

mephman3132d ago

Haha, MGS4 will never get trophies. :p

El_Colombiano3132d ago

Yeah MGS4 is never getting a trophy patch.

Jikla3132d ago

Been waiting ages for this patch, or at least 7 months or so...

GigaGaia3132d ago

Lol, a year too late for this patch. I didn't have to create a new game for Disgaea 3 trophies on the NA version. It works with your existing saves.

Hell, you can even install the patch that came before the trophy one, download a save game, save in a new slot, then install the patch and use the new save you just made for trophies.

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