Sony Computer Entertainment: Killzone 2 is in-game

Sony confirmed that the new Killzone 2-trailer is completely rendered with the in-game engine. The new trailer shows various action-scenes of the game, where the player is fighting against the Helghast-army.

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nice_cuppa3881d ago

i still find it strange they havent let anyone play the game !!!

Fisher3393881d ago

The pure shock of the greatness that KZ2 will bring, would be enough to kill anyone who plays it. People need to be slowly introduced to the game. Sony doesn't need anymore lawsuits


plexdk3881d ago

you are pretty naiv, if you think sony is lying this time...

ShAkKa3881d ago

sony say it is in-game the ones that were in the event say the guy that was playing pause the game when back and forward in the levels and other things to show it was in-game. so still think is not?

SimmoUK3881d ago

It looked fantastic at the keynote the gameplay was insane, just waiting for all the HD vids to roll out now :)

hazardman3881d ago

Sony finally shows off in game footage of Killzone2 and everyone drools. I thought it looked great, but hows it going to play. From what I could see the A.I needs a lot of work. Enemies were just standing around getting shot. Its gonna be a "PRETTY" lame game when it comes out. People need to understand that its not all about graphics. HALO 3 killer yeah right...

ShAkKa3881d ago

ladies and gentlemen after the third round of the fight at e3 we got a winner. ladies and gentlemen the winner of e3 2007 former last-gen heavyweight champion of the world and the future of next generation! SoooNyyyy! (standing ovation)

Swe_Goliath3881d ago

*ding ding ding*
EXTRA EXTRA , the war is over,

4 a ½ year ago a war going on between a grait threat called the 360 and the allready known Global Earth Consoll Units :)) that is under command of the famous ps2 and now they grait ps3.

the battles wadged back and forthe untill today when ONE game, took a direct headshott ( BOOM!) at the 360is commander (halo 3) and took it out with a direct hit. people on the seen is now poring in news that kz2 WILL have taken the halo 3 down on it knees where it has died from the preshure of all the other grait TIMED exlusived games 4 ps3..


noo seriously now... kz2 lead the way, the gold is yours!...

ShAkKa3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

that`s a good one!

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