Steam on Mac video leaked, looks like Steam on Windows

Dave Hinkle from Joystiq writes: It would appear that some people are able to taste Valve's Steam service on Mac, as evidenced by the video after the break from MacStories. And as one of the most anticipated things ever, we're sure you're probably moving your cursor to the bottom of this post right about now so you can click through. Just know that you may be a bit disappointed.

We're not talking about a letdown in the functionality department, just that it pretty much looks exactly like Steam on Windows. No special bells or whistles, just the new, already slick Steam UI. Good thing that's definitely enough, right?

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NeutralGamer3155d ago

Itunes on Windows video leaked, looks like Itunes in Mac!

Lol you could say this about every multi OS app...

Raypture3155d ago

Not surprising, it wouldn't be fair to everyone (and they'd get a lot of complaints) if one version was better than the other.

Though I don't plan on getting a mac myself this excites me since I prefer linux, but the lack of support for software keeps me at windows, and if this is successful they may make steam for linux, though doubtful since estimated share is 90% windows, 9% mac, and 1% other with linux making most of that 1%, and they might run into problems with different distros.

tdrules3155d ago

oh don't worry the games on Mac look nothing like they do on PC

BulletToothtony3155d ago

on my 2560x1400 27" iMac, just like cod4 does. and hl2 and l4d look on bootcamp.

Cant wait to get steam on os-x thou