Sucker Punch and Sony announce PS3-exclusive Infamous

Sony and Sucker Punch Studios announced the development of the PS3-exclusive title 'Infamous'. Infamous is an actiongame where you play an anti-hero with superpowers. The game features a free-roaming world, including a city.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4029d ago

No lie when I saw this game I thought of crackdown...I guess time will tel..I doubt its anything like it though

actionjackson4029d ago

I thought that also. Kinda got that feeling. But it does look darker and different. Nonetheless, since Crackdown was awesome, hope this is too.

Watkins4029d ago

I couldn't make out much of what the game is all about, was that just me?

the greatest4029d ago

MS got own big time
there are alot suprised 360 owner now

Adamalicious4029d ago

I'm totally psyched to see what Sucker Punch does with the PS3 - they've been working on this a good while now without showing anything.

SimmoUK4029d ago

Nice this was a good surprise, it did have similarities to Crackdown but less cartoony and it looked really good...

ArduousAndy4029d ago

crackdown went for a comic book style approach hence the "Cartoony" look.

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The story is too old to be commented.