God of War III: A Disappointing Finale

Gamecritics: In between dissertation writing sessions, I recently managed to eke out enough time to play through God of War III. I purchased my Ultimate Edition copy the day it came out, and I just couldn't hold off any longer. I consider the first two God of War games to be the best action games of their kind and I was dying to see how the series wrapped up.

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NateNater3155d ago

Dissapointing? Nahhh. I'm gonna have to disagree with the author here.

cemelc3155d ago

The ending was epic this guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

MmaFanQc3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

the ending was perfect, couldnt be a better way to wrap up of the story.

i played gow:coo, gow, gow2 and gow3 and was happy with the ending.

ShinMaster3155d ago

For every excellent game PS3 puts out, there's bound to be an article like this.


Biggest3155d ago

Lame article. Have you guys seen the ModNation Racers Kevin Butler commercial? Great as usual.


Is an opinion, not a fact that the ending is a disappointing.

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sasukeftw3155d ago

what is the author talking about god of war 3 was effing AWSOME.

Lifewish3155d ago

could he be doing this for hits?

RayRay363155d ago

I honestly dont think they could have ended it better. Thats me though. Kratos did what he had to. The deepness the story contains is unreal. The reasons he's saying GOW 3 "leaves a bitter taste in my mouth", are the reasons I love it. I could see if you didnt like the ending, but he bashes it for some of the most pointless reasons ever. IMO, GOW 3 is the best game Ive ever played and my favorite. The story, the gameplay, the graphics, its all there. I have no problem accepting some people may not like this game. But the reasoning is just babbling about stuff that isnt even relavent. Anyone who has beaten GOW 3 would know some of these things are just blatantly untrue.

remanutd553155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Kratos "Vengeance" is next to Solid Snake " Retirement " my 2 best games this entire generation so far , yes even besting Drake's " Hollywood action/adventures" , GOW3 was everything i was expecting it to be and more so no i dont agree with the journalist here
Man , God , LEGEND!!!!!! , long live Kratos !!!

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