Alan Wake Says Hi To Sydney – And Goodbye Very 'Mist'eriously


"Microsoft had set the place up with 8 Xbox 360 pods all fitted out with Alan Wake code loaded on debug units for the attendees to get their hands nice and dirty on, in true Alan Wake style...

The game's atmosphere is certainly there, and you'll find yourself riveted to the screen, and your chair, or be like some, keep getting up and moving around to avert the anxiousness as well as dodging left and right as you fend off attacks left right and centre when playing the game."

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BadCircuit3131d ago

The game is sounding good...

Joule3131d ago

sounds can be deceiving

just playing... hopefully the game is good its been in development for 6 years!

REALgamer3131d ago

From what I've heard they had an Splinter Cell: Conviction moment in development where they dramatically changed the direction of the game when it wasn't working as well as they wanted. Ie: the original open world, sandbox thing they had going.

I wonder how the development team kept motivated for years and years working on the same game? You'd really have to love what you're doing and believe in it to maintain enthusiasm for coming into work everyday over 6 years.

Hill_billy3131d ago

I hope that it is scary and that the game compares in fear to the game Dead Space. I also hope that the game is as good as news outlest report or even better. Looking forward to it.

REALgamer3131d ago

But good to see this generation the developers are coming out to talk about their games instead of just PR.

I'm really looking forward to Alan Wake for something different.

On a side note, why does the guy on the far left in the group pic look so depressed? Didn't he get to play? =P

Iancranium3131d ago

haha if you are talking about the left looking at it..
that was me in the white shirt. Pretty damn tired that night and not exactly photogenic.
Allagegaming should have the scoop on Alan Wake 2 later this week ; )

gaminoz3131d ago

I think open world is being overdone: it fits something like Red Dead (who doesn't want an open world Western?) or Assassin's (Venice etc.), but Alan Wake would be a lot of forest...and a tighter story can be told through 'guided' levels.

4Sh0w3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I'm sure you could do some interesting things in a forest open world game similar to how Fable does in some environments but I'm sure Remedy knows what their talking about when they said they needed to change from open world to just the large open environments because it was much better way to suited for the story telling and gameplay in a "psychological thriller" like AW, also the game took so long because they changed their approach AND its a very small team working on the game. I'm glad they were less concerned with the time they waisted and more concerned with delivering qaulity game.

Jedward-3131d ago

Alan wait ..yaaaawn.......

XboxOZ3603131d ago

grow up and go away . . seriously, if you like games for games sake, then this is a must play game, just like Uncharted was/is.

m233131d ago

I am on the fence about this game, I'm not sure if I should buy it or not. Looks really good, but there are so many other games that I still have to catch up with. I'll probably wait for the first reviews and impressions, before picking it up. (I'll be busy with the Reach beta anyway during that time)

XboxOZ3603131d ago

I was a bit like that - until I played it, even watching it was sort of 'okay' . .but once I was playing the game, I could have been there for hours, and always dodging things thinking they were off to my side or something. Many ppl were the same actually, until they played it.

If you've ever played the first two iterations of Max Payne, then you not be disappointed.

If you haven't, then either grab an early 1st-gen xbox somewhere, and the games, sit yourself down and you'll see why Remedy have gained the rep they have . .