E3 07: Metal Gear Solid 4 Confirmed PS3-Only, Kojima Retires from MGS

During its E3 2007 press conference in Culver City, Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed that Kojima Productions' anticipated sequel Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is indeed a PlayStation 3 exclusive. It will release simultaneously worldwide in early 2008.

"The story for Snake will end, and also, for me as a game creator, this will be my last involvement in the series," said Kojima. He noted that all of the series' plotlines and mysteries will be resolved.

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rusgreim4028d ago

Period. Metal Gear is a Konami property not Sony. Sony has tossed around the word "exclusive" way too much this E3, even when we know damn well saying UT3 and Haze are "exclusives" is a falsehood.

When Konami's president says its likely to be multiplatform, and then Sony makes this "declaration" of exclusivity, I question the truthfulness.

When it comes from Konami, I'll believe it, until then its just Sony Bluster.

PSN Starfleets4028d ago

It will remain a PS3 exclusive, they said it a few times on stage with Kojima. Get over it.

LSDARBY4028d ago

Dude, deal with it. It aint coming to your 360.

actionjackson4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

The creator stated it, do you need more proof?

Good point and I agree. But can you please add KZ2 to that list. This game seems to be breaking the scene. Although I know Halo3 will be great, have you seen anything as seemless as KZ2.

closedxxx4028d ago

Yes... please... let it go. SONY is allowed to keep at least ONE exclusive...

Finally, possibly one good reason for people to jump on the PS3 band-wagon...

This can only mean good things for SONY.

The General4028d ago

not to sound so excited but i can't help it

PS Home is Great, UT3 and Haze are PS3 exclusives... and many more.... They showed the MGS4 trailer.....

Go check it out

OMMMGG!!!! Metal Gear Solid 4 TRailer was ALLL REALLL TIMMEE Footage....

and DEMo NEXT Week at PLaystation Conference.....

First Killzone 2 Now Metal Gear Solid Four, Haze and Unreal Tournament

PS3 Is the Way to Go.


FolkLore is MIND Blowing.....

Please Go and check it out

Heavenly sword is Great....

NBA 08 is Ight...

LITTLE BIG PLANET is Always EVolving and is amzing.

Uncharted Drakes Fortune is simple... Off the hook!!!...

OMMMGGGGG!!!! Infamous the games is AMMAAZZZINNNG....

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is one of the most beautiful driving games ever.... OMMGGGG!!!


They have a longer Trailer for Killzone 2 and It Looks FFFFFF-----Innng AMAZING....

Killzone will Own ALL!!!!

Sony's Conference has made me one of the many HAPPiest ps3 fans ever....

I'm AT TELLING EVERyone Everywhere that PS3 is the Way to Go this Holiday season...

and if you have enough money, get the 360 and Wii too.

But PS3 IS absolutely Mind Blowing.

ShiftyLookingCow4028d ago

Kojima is going to make sure its PS3 exclusive.

BaMYouRDeaD4028d ago

Are you serious? Just give it up already. It's not going multi platform. If you want MGS4 buy a PS3. You have Halo and Gears just as Sony has MGS4 and FFXIII. If you want a Sony exclusive buy the Sony system. If you want a MS exclusive buy the MS system. If you want a Nintendo exclusive buy the Nintendo system. OK?

"When Konami's president says its likely to be multiplatform, and then Sony makes this "declaration" of exclusivity, I question the truthfulness."

Ok, Konami's president said they might make it multi platform. MGS4 has always been officially exclusive on the PS3. Rumors, speculation, and an executive saying 'maybe', do not change facts. You're acting like it has been 360 exclusive all along and Sony all of a sudden snatched it exclusively for PS3. Get over it. I hope there will be no more storys about MGS4 exclusivity, as Sony's press conference has put the rumor to rest.

Ok? So just stop it before you get more disagrees than you already do.

ShAkKa4028d ago

let it go bro! oh konami is the publisher the one making the game is kojima-san so if he donsn`t make a 360 version it wont appear on x-box by magic.

cuco334028d ago

but there's no denying that konami is who says where it goes. kojima makes it, konami distributes it. they won't need kojima to make the ported version, thats what freelancers and other komami personnel are for. so if it were to come, it'ld be a timed exclusive at best. again, i dont think it'll come.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4028d ago

This xbox loser above me is all gotta admit that he just needs to buy a playstaion if he wants to play MGS for sure..

okcomputer4028d ago

Yea, he obviously wants mgs4 REAL bad. Its simple, if you want mgs4 just swallow your fanboy pride and pick up a ps3 already.

Ivalice4028d ago

Did you not see the press conference? PS3 Exclusive and Kojima was standing right beside! Damn, won't you ppl just give up?

boi4028d ago

yea i watched teh conference and Kojima came out to say so

gunnerforlife4028d ago

dude get it into ur head UT is exclusive to ps3 and haze is timed and mgs is exclusive get it into ur head:P