MGS4 demo on 17th at PlayStation premiere event.

20:43.54 -

There he'll show more about how to operate on the battlefield. "It will look a little crazy and I think you'll like it, and I hope that everyone can come to Tokyo next week." 17th July at PlayStation premiere event.

20:43.06 -

"Sorry, because of time we only have the trailer, but next week in Tokyo I will play a demo." (why they just didn't announce a Demo is beyond me.)

Edit: The game has also been shunted to an 'Early 08' release.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4025d ago

He said on the 17 I sat right here and watched him say it...

boi4025d ago

yea i saw it too...and wow

Adamalicious4025d ago

Oh man! I thought from the headline that it meant on PSN! Wishful thinking for sure...

solidt124025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

not an online downloadable demo but a in person demo at TGS in Tokyo. I heard it to. The game looked awesome and I wonder how you play it. I heard he had some interesting Ideas for this game and can't wait to see it. He said it was all real time game play but it looked like CGI. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jay24025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

At the PlayStation premiere event. Any way it's the 17th of THIS month NOT Sepetmeber. I just wish it was the huge last-minuit announcment without a trailer, I want to see it so badly.

ReBurn4025d ago

Man, that was awesome! Metal Gear was never my favorite franchise. But that crazy fighting action was too much! Looks like Kojima's going all out for his last MGS party.

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