Why Super Street Fighter IV Will Sell More on the PlayStation 3

Fergus Mills of writes: Super Street Fighter IV is one of the most anticipated titles among the fighting game community. SSFIV releases next week and at a $40 price point the game is sure to do some pretty good numbers on the sales side of things. With that being said, I estimate that the PS3 version will outsell the Xbox 360 version in next month's NPDs. Here is why I believe so.

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fear882951d ago

Is that no matter what you either have to choose between the crappy 360 dpad or get a dedicated wired controller with a good d-pad (Microsoft hates third party accessories so they never license the wireless protocol)

Not ideal choices considering the Dualshock 3 is already wireless with a great d-pad.

presto7172950d ago

because I dont like jumping when I press forward.

Natsu X FairyTail2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

depends though. When you're used to the Sony Controller for fighting games and make the jump to the xbox controller you're bound to have difficulties to addapt at 1st But if you play for a whole you'll get used to it. I've been playing fighting games on xbox360 for a while now and got used to it and I'm kicking mad people asses online and was in the G1 rank in SF4.

I'm still good with the Sony. controller though just yesterday I was at my friend's house and me and a few peeps were having a SF4 tournament and I won!

Sakura >>>>>

Jedward-2951d ago

I agree as the d-pad is better for fighters on ps3 , if i had to play the 360 version i would need an arcade stick i found its joypad lacking for sf4.

Ryuha1234h2951d ago

Of course it will sell more on PS3. The 360 controller is no good for Street Fighter. The PS3 controller is good for Street Fighter.

Karlnag32951d ago

It's because the PS3s d-pad isn't made by Fisher Price.

eggbert2951d ago

I'm pretty sure it's not made by fisher price, but it's not very good either.

Tito082951d ago

He got it from a store who already got it today, and he told me they were sold out on PS3 version, and I wanted to get it!!!!!!

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