Unreal Tournament 3 exclusive to the PS3 'this year'

Sony announced they had signed a deal with Epic Games to bring Unreal Tournament exclusively to the PS3 for 'this year'.

According to Sony, gamers will be able to port PC Unreal mods to the Playstation 3, and play them via a new multiplayer interface.

Update: Incorrectly states that the 360 won't get the game at all. That news was never announced. This is a time-based exclusive.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Playstion 3 is going to be a beast...oh yeah..MGS STAYs fans were are you getting this year crap..they didnt say that also..the game will change constantly thanks to user mods in which 360 dosent allow unless you pay for if it does come out for 360 ps3 version will be the one to own

marinelife94023d ago

Does that mean I'll be able to have PS3 vs PC matchups without having to pay for LIVE for Windows Vista?

Greysturm4023d ago

I eonder if the ps3 servers allow for that kind of multiplatform gaming in any case modding for me goes way better than platform connectivity although i would like 360 and ps3 joint games that would be awesome.

jay24023d ago

It's out November,(said so in the trailer.) Maybe you should consider chaning the Next Year part.

thatguy_04023d ago

Where does it say next year?

Azures4023d ago

And with Epic now under contract to maximize the Unreal 3 engine for ps3 hardware, UT3 for ps3 is essentially guaranteed to look superior to its counterpart on the 360.

Tommie4023d ago

No it won't because the Unreal Engine 3.0 was build on Xbox 360 and this will still be the main platform for the UE3 engine. At least PS3 owners will get UTII with visuals that are evenly matchable with the Xbox 360 version.

risk4023d ago

and where did you hear that? did you use the time machine to find out how the XBOX360 version holds up against the PC and ps3? gimme a break stop spewing out bullshit.

hazeblaze4023d ago

You speak incorrectly sir. The Unreal Engine was built on PC... not until this deal has the entire engine been optimized for a specific console.

sony fan4023d ago

yea sony fans, even though this is optimized for PC and the 360 is extremely identical to the same set up as a PC and the PS3 is very different, lets still say that it is optimized for PC but not the 360, then lets claim they are spewing BS that will show 'em yea how many of us can go around agreeing with each other?

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SimmoUK4023d ago

Unreal and Haze only on PS3 this year unbelievable! Great news for the holiday season!

ArduousAndy4023d ago

Im an xbot and thought Unreal Tournament is a pretty cool series.

But Jack's statement was something like they are pleased to announce that this year Unreal tournament 3 is exclusive.

It could mean that this year they are announce its ps3 ONLY
or that 360 will get it next year.

We shall see.

Azures4023d ago

maybe you should take a clue from your cousins and join the Playstation camp noob. haha.

ArduousAndy4023d ago

just because my cousins made a bad purchase doesnt mean I will too.

actionjackson4023d ago

I don't know, but he said "exclusive this year" at first and said "exclusive" and only on the PS3 later, after the trailer ended. I think it make just stick on the PS3. But those comments Jack made were pretty confusing. Expect a press release clarifying things.

codeazrael4023d ago

It's not really hard to expose lies with Sony. We have too many AAA titles coming to the 360 this year. We need to space some out. Give Sony the exclusive right now, they need everything they can get. Movie trailers and blu ray movies have kinda run its course.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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