The 5 Best Browser Games You Haven't Played

Dave Whitelaw of TheGameReviews writes: "Over the last year or so, triple-A titles have spewed forth at an alarming rate. Keeping up can be a hard task, one that hurts the wallet in these trying financial times. But there are alternatives. Games that are easily accessible from any modern computer. Games that are completely free of charge. All you need is a little free time and a web browser. There are some great examples out there from the stunning simplicity of Canabalt to the vast sprawling universe of Runescape. Regard this piece as an opportunity to grab some of those browser-based games that may have slipped under your radar."

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cain1413155d ago

Every Day The Same Dream sounds really interesting to me...

mr durand pierre3155d ago

It's a good one. The music, in particular, is amazing. I can still remember it months after playing the game.

Tony240ZT3155d ago

It's just interactive art. I didn't have fun :-(

Haly3155d ago

I feel suitably educated.
Love the sound of Travian in particular

BetaChris3155d ago

How could I have been in the dark on these games for so long? I will definitely have to check them out the next time I'm bored online...

SlamVanderhuge3155d ago

Wow. Never knew any of them existed. Great stuff!

midi3155d ago

So much good stuff out there available for free. I am hopelessly addicted to Travian.

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