Is There Still a Place for Single-Player?

Remember the good ol' days when online multiplayer wasn't even possible? Remember playing Mike Tyson's Punch Out or Super Mario Bros. 3 for hours on end? Who could resist Contra? From Sonic to Chrono Trigger, the games that turned us into life long gamers were nearly all single player.

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ps3gamerkyle3133d ago

and by Naucious of all people.

Automat3133d ago

i'd get mag if it had a single-player mode...

FragGen3133d ago

MAG desperately needs some kind of offline training mode. That game is dying.

Each faction only has one map per mode and the modes that require large numbers (64v64) and (128v128) are to the point where I sit in a queue forever unless I'm playing at peak hours.

As a result, I only play Sabotage on it (32v32) and since there are only three maps and no offline modes, the gameplay is becoming super stale super fast and the disc is rapidly becoming little more than a coaster to set my drink on while I play BFBC2.

TOO PAWNED3133d ago

For me if there is no single player, i dont buy game. I am not multiplayer guy. I only play online zombie mode in WAW and thats it.

bnaked3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

MGS4, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, God of War 3.

Just think about these games! And now the question again:

"Is There Still a Place for Single-Player?"

lol, it's ridiculous..

cry from the sky3133d ago

we need to appretiate the value of single player and eat more junk food.

gaffyh3133d ago

Whilst I like multiplayer for certain games e.g. Warhawk, every game really should have a single player mode, and not just a crappy offline mode like UT3, where nothing makes sense.

The main thing I look at when buying games is single player, multiplayer is a nice addition, but standalone multiplayer is almost never as enticing as singleplayer gameplay.

Cevapi883133d ago

when games like MAG and Warhawk faced scrutiny for just having an online component...people were trying to justify the price tags on each game when they came SP is here to stay...without it...we wouldnt be so connected to some of our most favorite games case in point MGS, FF, Half-Life, GoW, Mass Effect series etc.

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Natsu X FairyTail3133d ago

Is There Still a Place for Single-Player?


Anorexorcist3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

So those examples alone validate the yes answer.

BTW, I love the random disagrees that proponents like Natsu are getting. So what do the disagreers suggest? online-multiplayer should be the rule and single player, story-driven games should be the exception? Well that's what the Halo's and COD's can do to people.

FragGen3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Yeah. IMHO, this is clearly a slow news day topic. The answers so obvious that it's kind of a dumb question to even ask. Everyone knows single player is still important. Look at stuff that is trying to push the boundaries of story telling like Heavy Rain. As well as games that have a heavy cinematic plot influence like Gow3, Alan Wake, ME2, and UC2.


There are a lot of EXCELLENT titles with only Single Player.

doctorstrange3133d ago

And I really agree that there is a worrying trend to games having more and more multiplayer, and less and less singleplayer

user94220773133d ago

Naucious from the Tester, eh? Nice article about single player. I don't think multiplayer is completely taking over.

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The story is too old to be commented.