NC Soft sign exclusively to PS3 and Xbox 360 wont get UT3 this year

Breaking news! Sony has just confirmed at their E3 press conference that NC Soft, the developer behind the city of Heroes and Guild Wars franchise has signed an exclusive agreement to develop games exclusively for the Playstation 3.


Title should state that UT3 is not coming out on Xbox 360 this year. Apologies

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Odion3937d ago

the 360 won't get UT3 this year, change the dam title of this post.

I will say well done with getting it as a time exclusive, i guess the mod thing really did piss of CLiffy B

tehcellownu3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )



Lucidmantra3937d ago

well now that tehcell showed how ignorant he was...

Exclusivity in the new-gen... Let me sum it up like this..

Lets get some money from one company to help us pay to port it to the other console.

That is exactly how it is working... Get some money from SOny for Haze and use it to pay for the costs of dev and porting. Get some money from MS to pay to port to PS3. They are basically taking money from the companies for timed exclusives.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3936d ago

2 to 1 <---you know what that is?

Rhezin3937d ago


ShiftyLookingCow3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

you mean UT3 started on 360? You got to be kidding me. It started on PC, console focus was on PS3 and later because of Gears its eventually coming to 360. Anybody have any idea when the PC version is coming? If you played prior versions of UT you know that is the version to get, but somehow if PS3 is getting UT3 first then I guess I have to wait which is okay as UT on PC lasts for years at a time. If that is the case, PS3 players should get it, it will be a ton of fun and better than Warhawk.

gta_cb3936d ago

yeh i know what you mean, i have UT 2004, and to this day there are tons of people still playing it online, and also i dont know if anyone has ever played this game, but Aliens Vs Predator 2 is still a MASSIVELY played game online.

GaMr-3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Xbox360: "The only console you can play GTA4,Madden 08 and Halo 3

PS3: "The only console you can play UT3,Haze,KZ2, & MGS4

Especially since GTA4 and Madden 08 are multi. Who is starting to do crappy P.R now. Good job Pete M. Keep it up.

@ 3.1 ... Sorry did Pete M.'s wang get jammed in your butthole. Im simply quoting the man (who appearently is your boyfriend). When he made that statement he mentioned nothing about time or release dates. All he said was. the only console you can play those three games on.

rusgreim3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )


What the hell is wrong with you morons that you think this game is a Q4 07 game?

So you have UT3, which may or may not be timed, and Haze which is definately a timed exclusive. Halo 3, will never, ever, in a billion years, be on a Sony system.

Whether you like Halo or not, doesn't much matter. Its selling 7 million units in Q4 no matter what you say or do.

ArmrdChaos3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

UT3 timed...Haze...timed....The only exclusive titles in your PS3 list are both confirmed not to show until 2008.

Moore's comment was in reference to the only console where you can play ALL 3 games...I think everyone is aware that GTA4 and Madden are going to be released for PS3...but obviously Halo will if you want to play all 3 of those games but can only afford one console then the 360 will be your only choice. I'm sorry he didn't have the time to create a finger painting for you.

LeonSKennedy4Life3937d ago

What you fail to see, however, is that after that Killzone 2 self-respecting gamer is gonna go back to Halo.

If as many people watched that press conference as I'm assuming...Halo 3 won't be as INCREDIBLE as you think.

Lucidmantra3937d ago

So what you are saying LEON is that only Killzone has the keys to the chest of certain uberdom when in fact the other Killzones have sold badly compaired to Halo??? Or is it the fact that what you are seeing you THINK it will be a good game.

I believe both will be good games. I KNOW Halo will sell like hotcakes. There are too many people out there who love Halo. Killzone is building a solid buzz. I liked this FINALLY a in game running trailer. We all knew that rubbish from the past was pre-vis or CGI. Killzone still looks good but nowhere near as good as it did.

I think you should chill. Both consoles have compelling games for their core audiences to enjoy exclusively (timed or truely) get over the XBOX vs PS3 step into maturity and enjoy what you are seeing for your console... <that is to everyone...because there is some good stuff out there.>

But already i can see we will have a bunch of people nuthugging INFAMOUS when you saw a little 4 minute trailer about it. Yes it looked INTERESTING but you know what I bet i could make a YOUTUBE video that would make Barbie Horse Adventures look like the next AAAA title coming. You don't realize alot can happen in a dev cycle.

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testerg353937d ago

He said exclusive for this year. So its just a timed exclusive. Actually makes sense since Halo 3 is coming out at the same time.

TheFartMart3937d ago

NO. Its confirmed to be EXCLUSIVE. Not timed exclusive but EXCLUSIVE.

testerg353937d ago

He said you the only console you can play it on this year. Its a timed exclusive.

TheFartMart3937d ago

And this morning the retarded bots said that the graphics on UT3 are way better than KZ2. Now they will say that th graphics on Halo are way better than UT3 and that UT3 sucks.

Die 360 die. Long live the king SONY.