GamesRadar: Why Reach's MP Is Better than Halo 3

You've heard the haters: "Halo never changes." Halo 2 was just Halo 1 moved online. And Halo 3 is just Halo 2 with slightly prettier graphics. And ODST is just Halo 3, minus Master Chief and plus a smoky saxophone solo.

While this complaint ignores some major, game-altering additions over the years – like Forge, Theater, Service Record and Firefight – you can't say it's entirely wrong. The basic Halo multiplayer formula hasn't evolved that much since 2001, for better or worse.

Until now. Halo: Reach is different… in many ways, drastically so. Here are the 11 improvements that will shock and surprise you most when the online beta begins May 3.

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4Sh0w3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

The more I hear about all the new changes in Reach the more excited I get, they are not simply making changes just for the hell of it, and tacking on random stuff, these are deep changes with alot of thought behind how they each will add new layers into the multiplayer experience to form a strategic expansion on the rock, paper, scissors formula.

STICKzophrenic3106d ago

Damn, Invasion sounds like it'll be f*cking cool.

CrimsonSaber3106d ago

first off halo was innovation at its finest in terms of fps to a console. Offering a great storyline , Excellent breath taking graphics,the finest controls to console still used today by many developers . and many college students would agree on a great network for multi-player combat
second off halo 2 was no shape a copy and paste of halo. in saying that halo 2 offered dual wielding enhanced vehicular combat, a ranking system, party system,
outfit settings to the which that Rainbow six,ghost recon,call of duty, use to boot .
Now moving on to halo 3 ....
Improvments in many aspects of halo 2 . The graphics sure you can disagree with me calling them poor, but h3 invented the use of high dynamic range and greater draw distances surpassing Elder Scrolls IV . Details on everything from warthogs, to the assualt rifle had been greatly enhanced , so to call it halo 2.0 or 2.5 is an insult to both bungie and i as many halo fans out there, a game that is 3 years of age still played around the world and top 5 most played xbl titles.

The Time Reaper3106d ago

Halo 3 did not "invent" the use of HDR in videogames.

3106d ago
mikepmcc3106d ago

Um...what's your point? Just because it was Halo 2.5 (which it was, stop arguing that it wasn't), doesn't mean AT ALL that it was a bad game. It improved on what was already great, which is why it's so popular, so stop taking offense at something completely harmless.

Anyway, the article was about Reach (if you read it), which looks more like a bigger sequel than any of the previous Halo's did.

kaveti66163106d ago

Halo 3 didn't invent HDR. Have you played Half Life 2 The Lost Coast?

I'm not saying The Lost Coast invented it, either, just that that game existed way before Halo 3 and had that feature.

I don't consider Halo 3 to be just a Halo 2.5. Again, side by side comparisons prove that Halo 3's visuals were significantly better. But aside from the visuals, Halo 3 included a much larger feature set like Forge, theater mode, and much more customization features when it came to maps. You could change the respawn points, the weapon location points, the health hit points, and so much more. If you guys think Halo 3 was just a 2.5, explain that to the hundreds of thousands of custom maps that feature creative constructions using in-game assets. Explain that to the plethora of machinimas that use Halo 3. The multiplayer modes in 3 may have been similar to Halo 2, but 3 has had enough new things to justify itself as a full-fledged game.

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aviator1893106d ago

In all of the articles I've been reading today, the writers all agree that Invasion is the multi-player's "runaway hit." I can't wait to try the mode out.

Henry Cain3106d ago

I don't like HALO one bit, but this is looking to be an excellent game.

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