Naughty Dog detail Uncharted 2 title update 1.07

Naughty Dog have revealed details for the title update that is to release today for their acclaimed game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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Heartnet3163d ago

woot can now use Hero Skins on arena :D only good thing this update has :P imo anyway

Storm233163d ago

Yeah...that's cool...but I am really liking the implementation of a new spawn system. Tired of having people spawn right behind me (especially when I am on a good run). So frustrating. Love this game though.

Pennywise3163d ago

I've wanted to use skins in the coop for a while now... much welcome inclusion.

Redrum0593163d ago

cant wait for the new dlc maps and seige mode. seen the footage of it on gametrailers, looks hell-a-fun... yes i said it, hell-a-fun.

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Mildrop3163d ago

Great. Skins can now be used......woop

rlineker3163d ago

Agreed it will be awesome!

red2tango3163d ago

Updating a masterpiece? Naughty Dog is really Naughty Gods.

-Alpha3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Multiplayer is far from a masterpiece. They screwed the community by screwing with the base damage of players. Now it's COD-friendly and nobody climbs crap. They need to give us back the old health instead of favoring these cry baby COD players that whine about not getting easy kills. Naughty Dog is great at Single Player, but they are out of their expertise with MP fixes and listening to the community. They should have just made it a playlist, it's such a simple fix.

Good to see new spawn system though. I didn't really notice spawn issues but more experienced players apparently did.

Pennywise3163d ago

Alpha, 1.04 was months ago. Quit your crying.

ND has updated THEIR game with features that THEY deem fit. When YOU make a game, I am sure YOU can have whatever kind of bullet sponge crap you like.

Multiplayer is still fun. I would say after tomorrows DLC with 3 new maps and a new game mode the Multiplayer mode is better than ever.

You guys crying daily about changes made to a game must be new to multiplayer games. Counter Strike has changed soooo much over the years, WoW has changed constantly... Diablo 2 is forever changing with a new recent patch to mix it up some more. That is how devs keep the people playing, by changing things and keeping it fresh. The most popular MP games ever are so different from the day it released... Its normal. What I don't find normal is people obsessing over it all over the internet. 60k people a day disagree with you.

PirateThom3163d ago

As amazing as the single player is, Naughty Dog really need to get the multiplayer reeled in.... it actually started off really good and each progressive patch has made it worse.

They started with a great multiplayer and now it's just a decent multiplayer, they should really reset a lot of it back to default.

BeaArthur3163d ago

Alpha-Male22...agreed, I gave up on this game after the health update. I loved this game but then they made it "more accessible", which translated means we made it easier for people that suck. It's nice that they are still supporting this game but I just couldn't play it anymore after they changed the core mechanics. was 1.05, and there is a difference between updating a game and changing how it plays.

The Time Reaper3163d ago

I have to agree with Alpha. 1.05 ruined my favorite online game. Now it's a campfest where people are afraid to traverse the level. The game was practically perfect, all they had to do was increase the grenade toss time... but they casualized it to death.

Very sad.

-Alpha3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

So just because more time has passed it invalidates my argument?

Quit crying about the Holocaust, it happened years ago. Does that seem logical?

"That is how devs keep the people playing, by changing things and keeping it fresh."

Really? They change the ENTIRE core gameplay mechanic thereby changing how the game is played? Sorry, but it's one thing to change the gameplay and another to address issues. By your logic they can make the game One hit kills and it will be okay for you just because:

a) enough time will eventually pass
b) Games are always changed to keep things fresh
c) It's not my game and I should make a game if I want a proper game done

Bravo, nice arguments Pennywise.

The new damage system brought forth many changes and completely changed the core play, and even made guns unbalanced. More people camp. Nobody traverses the gameplay or uses platforming elements because it's too easy to die. It's COD friendly. You don't have to defend it JUST because It's Uncharted 2. Seems like your more upset I'm criticizing "a masterpiece" than you are of actually coming to terms with what they did. Sorry, but having a game play one way and then screwing the fans by appealing to a more casual crowd is nonsense. They should have stuck to their formula. How would you like it if Guerilla Games made Killzone twitchy? Well, by your logic above, it's not your game so I guess you can't complain about it.

It's silly for you to think their decision was fine considering they could have easily added a Crushing playlist for anybody wanting an easier killing experience as opposed to changing the whole formula.

Anyways, I'm going to hop on UC2 to play later today: Time Reaper and BeaArthur, hit me up if interested. I feel like Plundering.

The Time Reaper3163d ago

What irks me more is, they HAD a hardcore mode as an option during their testing... why not just give it back? I really miss the classic UC2.

I feel like currently, I have nothing to play online except casual shooters. That annoys the hell out of me, as UC2 was my go to game for something different and fun.

BeaArthur3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

The Time Reaper...well said I feel the same way. I don't even think they needed to adjust the grenades. It was just about perfect and for some reason Naughty Dog thought it needed to change. Shame. You are also right about the casual shooters. Every shooter is similar and U2 was different and that is part of what made it special.

Darkfocus3163d ago

I stopped playing after they changed the health too. It really didn't make sense for them to do that when they could have just made it a different mode.

nycredude3163d ago

Wait a second, you guys are making Uc2 out to be like it was a hardcore shooter or something. It was always one of the most accessible mp available and never was a hardcore game. You want a less casual shooter play Mag or wait for socom 4. I am sure enough people complained about the game for them to change it and not everyone can be happy with it. It's life so let's stop complaining and just live with it. If it's that bad to you then there are plenty of other games to play. Personally I haven't played the mp since I bought Mag but this weekend I will get back into it for a while.

Pennywise3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Alpha, I can't even read your response. I stopped when you compared the Holocaust to MP game updates...

Some people need to relax... especially long winded people.

NYC hit me up when you get the DLC, we will play some siege.

BryanBegins3163d ago

I have to disagree, I like the update for health. I started playing again online after this update. Before it, your character was a bullet sponge. And the first guy to get the M4 was getting a huge advantage. While I agree that it's maybe a little bit too easy to kill someone now (especially when playing plunder), if you give me a choice, I would choose the new health bar.

Dnied3163d ago

All i wanted was was the grenades to be less noob friendly.

ONLY thing I ever disliked about UC online was the grenade drop just before death, and it hasn't changed :(

otherwise perfect, they could have left it all but that.

-Alpha3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Good, hide behind ignorance when you can't make a response. It's saddening that you shut out my comment under the excuse that you don't like to read long comments. Narrow-minded reasoning at its best. I didn't compare the holocaust to gaming, I compared it to your ridiculous comment that it was okay just because time had passed. But since you are too childish to read the post you couldn't see that.

I have no problem with the game, it's you that is getting upset over me criticizing it. Guess you'd rather have me sit here telling you how much of a masterpiece it is. They should have made it a playlist, it was the best approach, case closed.

SprSynJn3163d ago

No seriously, how can you compare game updates to the Holocaust? Did you even read that after you typed it? You talk about "making a good argument," so where is yours?

DaTruth3163d ago

Have we learned nothing from Resistance 2? Never listen to the community.

cmrbe3163d ago

But then if they don't listen then people will be angry and say the dev don't listen.

I don't fault ND at all. They were only listening to what the community wanted. I fault people like Alpha that complain after while not making their voice heard on the fourms in the first place. If more people made know that they don't like the new health bar then perhaps ND wouldn't have changed it.

-Alpha3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Where's my argument? Did you read the rest of what I wrote?

Please tell me what was so wrong about my comment. I was comparing it to what Pennywise said, who stealthily dodged my points by crying about the Holocaust analogy. The keyword is ANALOGY meaning I used Penny's excuse to illustrate what was wrong with what he said.

Pennywise ran away and blamed the Holocaust reference. He doesn't like hearing something bad said about his precious UC2 and would rather make excuses for ND.


Actually, many people WERE against the lowered health. The community stopped complaining and other issues were brought up yet ND went back to it and decided to change the WHOLE game. They could have easily added a playlist for lowered health since the community had voiced their opinion on both sides. How'd you like it if Hardcore mode was the only mode in CoD? Or if Killzone 2 had twitch movement?

So don't blame me for it :/

Pennywise3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

As I said before Alpha - SIXTY THOUSAND PEOPLE A DAY disagree with you.

I don't care what you criticize... Just make it a valid argument besides: "wah, wah, wah, I am not a bullet sponge, wah, wah, wah, You changed what I am used to... this is comparable to the holocaust."

Alpha, I don't know who is giving you bubbles(I have a good idea)... but shame on them.

@Jack below: There are a lot of people who don't like the update. ND has already said they won't change it back but balance it a bit more. But you know, this happens all the time. A dev makes changes and the very vocal few on the internet think they are a majority. As you stated: 10:1 - Which is laughable. If it was anywhere close to 10:1, don't you think ND would fix it? They should of gave a choice, but that would of split the community.

jack_burt0n3162d ago

ppl have bought the game and have little choice, fact is the community in a majority hate what the multiplayer has become at least in a 10-1 ratio, not giving ppl an option for an old playlist f**king SUCKS! no 2 ways about it, i wont buy anything till its fixed.

Mr_Bun3162d ago

If the kid doesn't realize how offensive it is to compare the murder of 6 million people to a video game update, it is useless to even acknowledge him.

He loves to babble and if you don't address every single opinion he has laid forth, he just calls you names

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