Modern Warfare 2 Sets New Guinness World Record

Josh Wright of DualShockers writes "Modern Warfare 2 continues to break all time records worldwide, and today Activision and Infinity Ward have been recognized by Guinness World Records as the most successful entertainment launch of all time. With one day sales totaling more than $401.6 million worldwide, the FPS was the fastest selling entertainment product in its first 24 hours on sale, breaking the Guinness World Record previously held by Grand Theft Auto IV."

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SupeerSteebbi3135d ago

Who actually cares? Anyone?

mrv3213135d ago

I know what your going to say, but I can't remember the last time I played MW2... it's not because it's a bad game because it isn't, it's not because I suck either ( I've dealt with that ) it's because I don't get the same thrill as I did with MW. I mean in MW you felt like you are special, like what your doing matter. I remember luyin down with a .50 cal on bog getting a 30 kill streak and I felt like I did that and I was helping my TEAM (this was domination so it wasn't really camping because I was holding B plus the if they threw ONE smoke I would have had to relocate. ) But in MW2 if you get a care package you feel ok, if you get anything you don't feel like an elite. The most fun I've had with MW is either the silenced scar with acog or the silenced M21 with thermal.

ape0073135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

having so much fun,I know the haters here gonna say otherwise but who cares

I hope they fix the following:

1-the overpowered weapons, this thing give players even more reason to camp, I camp sometimes because I know any touch of any bullet would kill me

2-commando perk, annoying just annoying


however after the latest patch, games are now more stable

Pennywise3135d ago

Fantastic game? Using the word fantastic for a game like MW2 is overkill. Reserve it for something that is actually fantastic.

playstation_clan3135d ago

plus special ops was good, aside from that this is a good shooting game but it shouldnt of sold that much

Hitman07693135d ago


I am CERTAINLY not upset for Activision and Infinity Ward getting MASSIVE record-breaking sales on this guys. Everybody needs to eat , get your money!

But what I would argue is that all of MW2's content could have simply been DLC for MW1 and in the substantial department MW2 did fail us. It was a good game yes, but it was the same game we already played just with about $40 worth of pre-patched DLC (or at the rate of the stimulus pack $50,000)

ape0073135d ago

man you have your own opinion and I have mine

case closed

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Chadness3135d ago

Meh, the VG Guinness book of world records is mostly a joke anyway.

Hitman07693135d ago

Next you'll tell me Delta Force from PC is the best shooter ever, lmao, just kidding (on a serious note it was pretty good though).

Hitman07693135d ago

It was bound to happen, what an amazing achievement for gaming!

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