Marvel LEGO deal was "THIS close," say Traveller's Tales

The Lost Gamer writes:

Traveller's Tales were "THIS close" to sealing a deal that would have allowed them to produce one of their LEGO titles based upon the world of Marvel Comics, Jon Burton, Director of TT Games and Head Designer of the LEGO series, has revealed today.

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hazelamy3157d ago

there's already the batman game so i have no doubt they'd be receptive to more titles.
lego wonder woman, lego superman or lego justice league, because you need a range of characters with different abilities to make a good lego game.
shame the marvel deal fell through though, lego spiderman could have been cool, and being based around a team with differing powers the x-men would have bean perfect.

FragGen3157d ago

I want Lego God of War.

kratos1233158d ago

thank god the deal didn't succeed
that would be soo lame

Seedhouse3158d ago

The LEGO games are harmless fun though, would have liked to have seen this =[

badz1493157d ago

agreed man! LEGO games are just pure FUN! I really enjoy LEGO Indi 2 and would love to have another one! and LEGO Marvel has such a huge potential! I hope they'll reconsider! Imagine LEGO Spiderman...hmmm...AWESOME!

tunaks13158d ago

I think the lego idea will be played to death.
Lego Harry Potter looks good,
Star wars was good,
Indiana Jones was alright,
and batman was meh

Government Cheese3157d ago

I agree. Lego Star Wars was awesome, and Lego Harry potter looks great. But Batman and Indiana Jones weren't very good in my opinion.

mcgrawgamer3158d ago

for some these lego games are lame; but for a father who wants to enjoy this hobby with his 5 year old son these LEGO games are a blessing.

badz1493157d ago

and she's not even a gamer. she just plays some games on facebook yet she loves LEGO games!

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Mildrop3158d ago

Lego games are great, fun titles for the big kid in all of us

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The story is too old to be commented.