E3 2010 Possibilities: Nintendo

SFG writes: With the coming of E3, Nintendo is as tight lipped as it's two competitors. With that being said, instead of trying to pick the lock on the E3 closet, we have decided to tell you what they need to do in order to secure a future with gamers and their bankroll.

First and foremost, we need Wii in HD. Nintendo has continued to surprise us by dropping the ball on this one. Failing to announce a new HD console will have Nintendo struggling to play catch up for the rest of the year. With Microsoft's Natal and PlayStation's Move already shouldering in on Nintendo's uniqueness, Nintendo must make this move in order to sway loyalty from it's competitors.

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tunaks13132d ago

wii don't need wii HD,
Nintendo doesn't need a wii hd, that would not go so well seeing that the Wii still sells strong
All Nintendo needs to do is show off Zelda Wii, some other games and the 3ds.

No Wii HD needed

frankymv3131d ago

Totally disagree....

Yes, sales of Nintendo are stronger than the other consoles, however, they are DECLINING year over year.

Do you honestly think that Nintendo can sit around with its thumb up its ass and do nothing while MS and Sony introduce much more modern technology that makes Nintendo's tech irrelevant?

Seekerofthewind3131d ago

Or, at least, your assumption that a declining Year over Year sales for hardware should at all be unexpected, as well as your assumption that MS and Sony's motion controllers will somehow make the Wii 'irrelevant.'

To say that a new system is going to be coming soon is one thing, but Wii HD would be a ridiculously awful idea. Either way, Nintendo doesn't have a reason to put out a new console yet. Not in response to Sony's Move and Project Natal, at least.

I will, however, state that I can easily see Nintendo announcing a project name (Little to nothing else) for their next console (I.E: More than just Wii HD) at E3, probably due out early 2012.

Redempteur3131d ago

i think the sales are declining because they were exceptionnal from the start

frankymv3131d ago

I think that when people refer to the Wii HD, they are referring to Ninty's next console, which will obviously have HD graphics, as well as some other major innovation.

Sony's Move and MS's natal are superior to wii tech in every way.....I fail to see the the logic in your argument that declining year over year sales is nothing to worry about. Where do you get the assumption that I am assuming that wii sales are declining year over year....this is fact.


Seekerofthewind3131d ago

It's your statement that that, in any way, is unexpected and yields a need for Nintendo to change their pace that is the assumption.

Also, there's a difference between the tech being superior and the tech making the Wii irrelevant. The Wii is already very relevant, and the peripherals MS and Sony are adding for their consoles is, highly likely, not going to change that.

Superior tech doesn't always yield best sales, or best relevancy. This generation proved that with the DS.

frankymv3131d ago


I'm a pretty smart guy....I have an MBA in business from an Ivy League school (so I have pretty strong business savvy) and I am also a lawyer practicing in Miami (so I am very analytical and argumentative)....but for the life of me, I simply cannot understand what you are trying to say.

Seekerofthewind3131d ago

Tunaks said about the same thing. Wii HD isn't needed. I'm just adding on the 'superior future tech doesn't necessarily make existing tech irrelevant' portion for the sake of the discussion.

frankymv3131d ago

"Superior tech doesn't make existing tech irrelevant."

Stick to gaming, not business.

SpoonyRedMage3131d ago

Wow, it's like your totally ignorant of the fact that Nintendo had totally owned this generation with low spec systems.

Seekerofthewind3131d ago

I'm talking about the game industry. History in this industry has shown that the superior tech doesn't necessarily yield the best sales, nor the best attention from the majority. Again, I point to the DS, the NES, the PS2, etc.

Seferoth753131d ago

Seeker pay no attention to the guy. For someone who claims to be educated he isnt very bright at all. In almost every generation of consoles it is the inferior system that wins. The console market is not a tech driven market. That is the PC market.Yes this generation has seen some leaps but consoles still do not compare to PCs and something happening 1 gen out of 7 doesnt make it the norm.

He even shows more ignorance by just assuming that Natal and Move are vastly superior to Wii even though neither is out yet and he hasnt used either one. Chances are he never used a Wii either. Most of the haters havent.

Another point. Wii is the fastest selling console in history so far. It got to where it is at much quicker than the PS2 and we all know how it sold. FACT is every winning console has its ups and downs but Wii has nothing to worry about yet. If Wii sales are poor what exactly are PS3 and 360 sales? They cant be good at all. But he doesnt even understand that.

Any REAL lawyer knows to get the facts right. Notice he didnt do that. Now I am not going to say he isnt one but if I ever need one I pray that it will not be him. I dont need someone showing up in court who cant even take the time to know what they are talking about.

What you have is come kid who thinks that by simply saying he is educated that he is right. That nobody can argue facts with his made up degree and his points are some how more valid.

The only thing he has proven is that he is a poor debater.

N4g_null3131d ago


You can not make IP irrelevant. Sonic the hedgehog was the only thing close to trying to fight nintendo on their ground.

Basically nintendo has made certain things in gaming relevant this gen and not all of it has to do with motion control gaming.

The best battle plan is the one that has some many parts to it the other can not counter them all. Then their is a lack of game design talent at SONY and MS that nintendo has. Which is why they can beat out better tech.

This has always been the halmark of console gaming. It has been beating better tech since the nes went up against acer PCs with tons of FREE games, like jazz the jack rabbit.

The HD market is full of duplicates that PC gamers where already tired of.

Also if Wii sales are down then can these sales be accounted to the other systems, probably not. I got just as much college debt as you ivy leager yet I find it odd you did not see these variables? Is your last name patcher or some thing or have you been talking to the wrong people? PR cheerleaders maybe... very bad for biz.

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TruthbeTold3132d ago

Nintendo needs to become more FPS focused like the HD consoles? I don't think so... They definitely need to up their game in the online dept. But putting a major first party focus on the FPS genre isn't going to cause HD gamers to care about the Wii. Graphics are too important to them, and they'll have their own motion controls soon if that's important to them. I do agree that they need to come out of the 3DS starting blocks with a powerful line-up though.

Cevapi883131d ago

GoldenEye Wii....why has this not been released or even announced for that matter...

i feel like Nintendo will disappoint just because they will shift the attention away from the Wii to the new DS...thats just my opinion

Valay3132d ago

There will be no Wii HD. They'll be focusing on 3DS.

Vizion263132d ago

Wii doesn't need HD. It needs more hot women using Wii Fit in viral videos.

SpoonyRedMage3132d ago

Is this some weird sarcastic piece?

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