E3 2007: Wii Fit More Details

Nintendo announced another title in their line of casual games at this year's E3 Press conference. Wii Fit is a series of games designed to increase fitness through balance and aerobics. The game uses a new peripheral, the Wii Balance Board. The white board, about the size of an average home weight scale is used for the entire game.

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scarlett_rg3843d ago

Now let's get these Balance Boards out to developers so they can start making some sweet games!

Wii Remote + Wii Balance Board = Serious Potential!

Curb-stomp anyone?! (Although I'm sure something like that would get banned for being 'too realistic'.) But bring it!!

Oh, and I'm sure Wii Fit will be kinda fun too... but give me some hard-core sh!t with this junk, yo!

MyNutsYourChin3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

It would be nice to use this for a racing game. Maybe they could implenment it where one side of the balance board is the acceleration and the other a clutch or brake.

Another idea would be to use it as a bass drum pedal in a drum kit for something like Wii Music or even the upcoming Rock Band.

Other ideas I can think of are bicycle pedals (remake of Paperboy), skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skating (ice, roller, inline, or board), etc.

I'm guessing that the serious gamer won't be too interested in this thing but the gaming demographic that Nintendo has generated will definately find this tantalizing. I'll get one ...or four. I just hope the pricing is adequate and not excessive.

codeazrael3843d ago

A fun way to lose weight...........or possibly break your wii. I just hope some fatass someday doesnt try to do jumping jacks on this thing and end up falling through the floor straight to hell.

midgard2293843d ago

fat people will die of heart attacks, or they will just stop playing because they are lazy. this is so stupid, people want games, not jenny craige

ChickeyCantor3843d ago

yess and sitting and playing PS3 while drinking cola and eating pizza containing 100000 kilograms of fat will solve their problems =D but heck it cures cancer =D

midgard2293843d ago

well thats to bad for the fat people lol. i personally have to much fun to even get up and use the bathroom with my games lol. but if ur playin nintendo games i'd understand why u wud stop to eat lol, im teasin

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