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Monopoly for the PlayStation minis service has set a fine example of what a video game version of the classic board game should be: fun, simple, and accessible–topped off with a friendly interface and some eye-catching visuals. The low price, the ability to play this classic with friends and family, and the capabilities which most minis have now – playing it both on the PSP and PS3 - makes for an entertaining minis title which should warrant a purchase for most.

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JonnyBigBoss3132d ago

Monopoly on the go? Sign me up.

ps3gamerkyle3132d ago

Eh, not too sure. I like my Monopoly sessions 3hr +. =D

user94220773132d ago

Exactly. Especially considering the price.

DoucheVader3132d ago

How can Monopoly be any fun as a video game? It's not like you can be the banker and cheat. :)