Playing with Virtual Items on Sony's PlayStation Move

DigitalTrends: Sony's PlayStation Move can turn motion controllers into whatever virtual objects your heart desires.

Make believe has never required so little imagination. Sony's PlayStation Move can turn motion controllers into virtual swords, baseball bats, hammers and whatever other objects your heart desires, then instantly composite them into video from an EyeToy camera.

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NateNater3134d ago

I'm a huge Playstation fan and I'm not trying to bash the Move at all but the lag is pretty noticeable there and I hope it gets fixed before release.

Fishy Fingers3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Strangely it seems far worse here than in previous videos. Not sure what thats all about. I shouldnt worry through, it will be all sorted by launch I'm sure.

But both Move and Natal are bound to have some level of lag, but both manufacturers will do there best to get it as small as possible.

Redlogic3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

and from what I read, its only going to be a bit laggy when you are using the augmented reality due to having to use the camera and the move controller. It takes more time for the camera to process everything. That's why this video shows more lag than say Socom game play videos.

Edit: here is the link...does a better job at explaining it than I can

Omega43134d ago

That lag is ridiculous considering accuracy is its unique selling point. Its just as bad as Natal or worse.

The fact that is its not an actual game and it still lags like that is even more worrying.

fear883134d ago

Natal is god awful with lag. Nearly half a second.

Apocalypse Shadow3134d ago

seeing NEW natal games being shown.that's crazy lag.a whole year and no new games shown.

and even then,this:
still looks more exciting than this:
and that was on ps2.

on topic:the fact that you got buttons AND motion on MOVE trumps the 360 controller has no motion or tracking abilities.and playing without a controller that has feedback limits your have to try to fool gamers with sounds like "boink!" when it hits your virtual character.

AND....having augmented reality means you don't have to buy useless gadgets like on wii.the game creates the object for you that you can need to waste closet space with crap.

Socomer 19793134d ago

Its in real time being recorded by another camera & it still looks amazing!

Hotel_Moscow3134d ago

probably has to do with lighting

SI7VER3134d ago

This game will be fine tuned before it's launched. And you have to remember it's the SOFTWARE that the devs made that effects the lag. The move hardware already works 1 to 1 (proven in previous Move tech demos.) It's solely up to devs and the software that will make Move a success.