PSX Extreme: Resonance of Fate Review

PSX Extreme writes: "When I first heard about the concepts behind Resonance of Fate, I was excited and skeptical at the same time. The excitement was due to the difference in style; the modernized take on the standard role-playing adventure that once boasted swords and staffs and now features hi-tech weaponry. The skepticism resulted from the following sentiment: "that combat mechanic just sounds totally crazy." Now, after playing for quite some time and finally getting a chance to wrap my mind around the intricate, challenging, turn-based/real-time hybrid system that is battling in Resonance of Fate, I've come to the conclusion that my skepticism was well-founded, but even so, pushing through the difficulty can be intensely rewarding. And while I've always been partial to the old-fashioned settings in RPGs – not so into the sci-fi environments – the highly stylized atmosphere in Tri-Ace's latest effort is quite appealing. In the end, provided you've got the patience, this one is definitely worthwhile."

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hatchimatchi3133d ago

Resonance of Fate is awesome, that's if you aren't impatient and are willing to learn new things. The game is definitely not user friendly but after an hour or so worth of battles it comes together. I really enjoy this game.

nefertis3133d ago

I agree with u this game is awesome, very addictive I clock in 135hrs gameplay already.