Bungie may do another Halo "ten years down the line"

VG247: Bungie has said that while Halo: Reach is its last game in the series for the foreseeable future, it may consider doing another one "down the line".

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aviator1893163d ago

They still haven't finished the story with masterchief yet so I suspect in 10 years or so, they might return to his story where he ended up floating in space with cortana among a mysterious planet.

dangert123163d ago

Really are bungie even in a position to say this cause i'm sure after reach everythink halo will belong to 343

Therealspy033162d ago

I would imagine that if MS went to bungie with a blank check and said "develop a next gen halo" for our next system, it'd be hard to turn down.

gaffyh3162d ago

This is kinda like Hideo Kojima saying he's going to quit the gaming industry every second, it's not going to happen!

Bungie will do another Halo next gen, which starts in a few years.

avengers19783162d ago

I'll bet it's alot sooner than that. I say less than 5 years.

Darrius Cole3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Didn't somebody from Bungie just try to embarrass HipHopGamer for saying that Bungie was tired of Halo?

Now we have someone from Bungie saying that they won't do another Halo game for TEN YEARS. For a Microsoft platform that's 2 generations. They're going to skip the Xbox 3(720) completely. According to Bungie themselves, they won't do another Halo game until late in the lifespan of the 4th Xbox.

Sounds like the HipHopGamer was right. You don't skip out on a cash cow like Halo for 10 years if you aren't tired of it.

The BS Police3162d ago

This doesn't confirm anything, Bungie has enevr stated they were tired of making Halo games. However they do want to try out a new IP and have been trying to do so since 2002.

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pimpmaster3163d ago

yea right, i remember them saying that about halo 2 and 3.

The BS Police3162d ago

Halo 2 ended at a cliffhanger so Halo 3 was inevitable. They also stated that Halo 3 was merely the end of of a story arc.

Convas3163d ago

This is a wise move if it happens. However, it could end up going both ways.

1. The if MS doesn't play it's cards right, 343 Industries could end up further enfuriating fans and non-fans alike, to the point that even if there was a 10 year gap between Bungie's Halos, it wouldn't sell near like anything of the past Halos.

2. A decade of Halo's absense from the market could mean that another Killer IP would've taken over the market, making Halo a Cult/Niche title.

Bungie has to tread carefully on this issue. But no doubt, they'll be watching 343 Industries and the Industry's reaction to it's unavoidable Halo offering/s VERY closely in the next few years.

IHateYouFanboys3162d ago

lets be honest - the hardcore halo fans are the ones that made Halo 3 sell over 11 million copies, not just regular joe-blow-average-gamer. they probably account for 10% of its sales. people that like halo know that Bungie are the ones who make Halo, and if Bungie jumped back into the Halo ring in 10 years time, those people wouldnt have just forgotten who Bungie are. they would go absolutely gangbusters over a new Bungie developed Halo game.

and to even suggest that Halo could be a niche thats like saying the next Call of Duty game might be an indie title that only sells 5000 copies.

bviperz3162d ago

I'm pretty sure Bungie and Halo will be relevant in 10 years. Hell, Halo: Combat Evolved came out in 2001, that's almost 10 years.

Hellsvacancy3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Well after watchin this i dont think ANY-1 will b makin games (or anythin 4 that matter) in 10 years time, do it now whilst u still can

Mildrop3163d ago

Halo is a Golden Goose but I thing Bungie have the correct approach, why strangle the damm thing when you can wait and just reap the benefits when you need too

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