James Bond: Bloodstone revealed

It appears that Activision and Bizarre Creations' top-secret new James Bond game has been outed - and it's called James Bond: Bloodstone.

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AliTheBrit193156d ago

I hope that one day they make an amazing James Bond film

Like with Batman, up until Arkham Asylum it had never been done justice.

Hellsvacancy3156d ago

Well that just proves how young u r, GoldFinger and You Only Live Twice r classic bond films, the best of the best, all the others suck

Snoogins3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

What I think he meant was make a great Bond game (I could be mistaken), though I thought Everything or Nothing was a great game (Willem Dafoe as a villain? Sweet!). Now that I remember, it had a decent cover system predating Gears of War as well. EoN also had levels that offered you several ways to complete them, multipath vehicular levels, different Achievement style objectives which unlocked more features, a co-op online campaign and competitive multiplayer. Felt like a real Bond experience!

As for Bond flicks, I would have to say GoldenEye is by far my favorite. Martin Campbell lended great direction to a well-written and witty script supported by an Eric Serra (Fifth Element, The Professional) soundtrack. That was the perfect vehicle to push Pierce Brosnan, who was originally (yet thankfully unable to do) the Bond films which cast Timothy Daulton instead.

AliTheBrit193155d ago

Ah damnit all to hell, I meant GAME not frickin film..

cry from the sky3155d ago

it would be cool to play on the Playstation Network.

Dnied3155d ago

No james bond game has ever come close to goldeneye =(

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cmrbe3155d ago

I really liked the new James bond

Jakens3155d ago

Bizarre makes good racing games and even without any shooting sections, I'm very curious.

I also hope that the game doesn't feel rushed just to meet a deadline.