Wii Core Still Important to Sega, says Mike Hayes

At the start of 2010, a Sega of America studio director indicated that Sega is not likely to publish anymore mature content for the Wii console. In general, a number of publishers in late 2009 started to rethink their approaches to Nintendo's console because core-focused content simply wasn't selling as well as casual content like Ubisoft's Just Dance game.

Considering Sega's past comments about the Wii, we were somewhat surprised to see them agree to publish a sequel to The Conduit as well as sign Tournament of Legends. Both of these titles would appear to be more for a core gamer than a casual Wii gamer. IndustryGamers chatted briefly with Sega West President Mike Hayes today about this apparent reversal of Sega's Wii stance. As it turns out, however, Hayes said it wasn't really a reversal at all because Sega offered some erroneous quotes initially.

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tunaks13135d ago

Core != Mature

just to remind some people out there.

SpoonyRedMage3135d ago

I'm glad someone pointed out that that douce Constantine whatsisface had no idea what he was talking about and had no right to speak.

His studio, resonsible for such classics as Iron Man and Golden Axe HD, got closed as well. Delicious irony!

Seferoth753135d ago

You wont see the trolls here sadly. It is a positive Wii article they dont want to acknowledge. Next time someone posts a bad article though they will be there in forc to let everyone know just how poor Wii games sale.

Sega is a great example of proof that 3rd parties do well on Wii. They have 4 million sellers on Wii and not one of their PS3 games has even hit a million.

tunaks13135d ago

wow its deserted here,
hmm I wonder why...

Seekerofthewind3135d ago

...*crickets chirping* it that all the articles that the anti-Wii trolls flock to are also under 'Xbox360' and 'PS3', or is it that they don't want proof of being wrong about at least one of the third parties 'leaving the Wii in droves'? Purely for the sake of clarification...

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