Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Weapon Tweaks Detailed

DICE has listed the changes to the weapon balancing in today's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC update.

Has the M60 finally been nerfed?

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thetamer3131d ago

This rocks, especially on the pc

Cogo3131d ago

I thought these tweaks were just for PC anyway?

jjohan353131d ago

Wow that is a LOT of changes. I can't tell if it's for the better or worse. They increased the accuracy of burst firing M60?? It doesn't need that!

catguykyou3131d ago

But they lowered the base dmg it does. The burst fire accurasy was to help when firing at medium range.

jjohan353131d ago

The best place to see all of this in a nice organized table:

The guy who extracted all the information from the game's files on the PC.

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Leord3131d ago

Nerf has a definite negative tone.

However, in some cases it's very useful for game balance.

Cogo3131d ago

Gosh, that was so needed.

Fyzzu3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

The M60's accuracy remains the same but the damage has been nerfed? Gneh. Seems the wrong way to do it, to me, but if it works then I don't really mind.

EDIT: As someone who plays Hardcore, though, I can't express in words how happy I am about the magnum ammo change.

mrv3213131d ago

The M60's accuracy wasn't the true problem but rather the fact it could drop people in two shots, I jumped 4 people a quick burst and a bunch of points.

I think it's great that they've balanced correctly, I think the next thing to do is monitor the maps and see where the attack loose/win the most and either add or remove defensive positions. I just wish that the M95 was a bit more like the 50 .cal.

Another BIG issues is the easy route for snipers, they don't do much. I would rather they have a way to make them move a bit.

jjohan353131d ago

They didn't alter the magnum ammo damage. Still x1.25.

AndyA3131d ago

Good to know the changes will be coming to the console versions of the game too. And great news re: the M60

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The story is too old to be commented.