DS Games Outselling PSP 8 To 1 In U.S.

Gamasutra looks at the evolving handheld space as part of its NPD analysis, revealing that Nintendo DS software outsold PSP software by an 8-to-1 ratio in the U.S. in March 2010 -- and muses on Nintendo's motivations for launching a fourth simultaneously held handheld.

Since our last report, Nintendo has announced that it will launch a successor to the Nintendo DS, currently called the Nintendo 3DS, before the end of its current fiscal year (ending March 2011). The new device will incorporate a screen technology that allows 3D effects with the naked eye and will be backward compatible with the existing Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi.

Should that device come to market on time, it seems likely that Nintendo will have four different devices on the market at the same time that all play Nintendo DS software as well as their own specialized software. We find that possibility disconcerting, to say the least, especially from a company which has generally maintained a simple line of hardware models.

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Sonyslave33161d ago

PSP have no gamez it only a mp3 player

PoSTedUP3161d ago

i just bought 2 a couple of weeks ago, motorstorm AE and socom fire team bravo 3. great games in my opinion.

rezzah3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

And you have no MS handheld gaming device. Don't bash the PSP until you got something to atleast talk about.

Your comment has nothign to do with Nintendo, youre a bot and all you care about is the downfall of Sony.

BloodyCHAMP3161d ago

psp gettin raped 8 to 1 there no bot or droid gonna change that...8 to 1 is 8 to 1

hatchimatchi3161d ago

The psp is not just a mp3 player, it has tons of great games. Since you brought up mp3 players's the Zune doing?....moron.

As for, "8-1 is 8-1"

Just because something is getting outsold doesn't mean it's garbage, look at the neo geo pocket color and the wonderswan. Those are highly regarded handhelds that went under because of low sales, they didn't go under because they were garbage.

Both the DS and the PSP are solid handhelds, me personally, I own both and prefer the DS.

I guess owning two rival systems doesn't make sense to a fanboy [email protected]$$ though.

rezzah3161d ago

Exactly, the PSP is getting raped in sales compared to the DS. The numbers (8 to 1) are infront our faces how can anyone disagree? And your right no one can change that, no droid, no bot, no non fanboy too.

Thing is, Slaves comment didnt have anything to do with the DS being better but only to bash the PSP for being a Sony product. Slave is known on here for being a bot, and saying the dumbest shyt about anything Sony.

He doesn't care about what the DS has to do with this article, only thing he sees is that the PSP is failing. So thats why I replied to don't bash Sony product when his beloved MS hasn't brought out a handheld gaming device yet. Its just Sony and MS in his eyes.

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PoSTedUP3161d ago

i dont know how many units are sold on the market of each console in the US but i think piracy plays a big part in this. DS has a younger fanbase and thus parents buy most of the games for their children bc they dont know or care about hacking the DS (not to say people dont pirate DS games but it is a lot less). psp has an older fanbase that knows that they can hack it to get free games easily and that is what they do.

i just BOUGHT socom ftb3 and motorstorm for psp, sick games, socom has socom2 ps2 graphics and motorstorm artic edge is nothing short of a great motorstorm experience.

darthv723161d ago

that seems to be the ticket right there. The games are fun and cheap and easy to load up and pack around. When looking at it from a tech point of view then yes the psp wipes the floor with the ds.

If we are talking the regular psp, the games are significantly better but i hate load times. Even with the go you still have some load times but drastically cut down.

DS is all about simplicity and the parents like that for the kids.

raztad3161d ago

The only place where you can play MGS:PW aka MGS5 is on a PSP. Enough said.

Rampant, brutal piracy, and the failure of PSP Go to reignite the interest for the system has been killing the PSP. Sony made a huge mistake with the Go pricing.

captain-obvious3161d ago

the gameboy is making a killing
but you got to give props to the PSP
its THE ONLY gaming handheld that gone against the gameboy and actually did something with out failing

RememberThe3573161d ago

If they lowered the cost of games and were just more consistent about quality the PSP would be a completely different story.

mikeslemonade3161d ago

DS is the only system this generation I don't own.

Christopher3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Don't really think piracy has much to do with PSP vs DS sales. PSP is more expensive, doesn't have something as cool as dual screens or a stylus, and definitely doesn't have the third-party support that the DS has. DS is cheaper to develop for, cheaper for the consumer, offers casual and hardcore gaming options (I love you Atlus), and doesn't use proprietary memory for expansion. I think that last part is one of the biggest issues with the PSP, where it costs me two to three times as much to get the same amount of memory as an SD card while it's heavily advertised as a system that you can carry movies, music, and games around without any UMD device.

I like my PSP, but I love my DS. And the reason for that is primarily games and secondarily because it's better hardware overall. My PSP's battery life sucks compared to my DSLite. My DSLite is more portable than the PSP, even the games are smaller. My DSLite even has better WiFi than my PSP, which I know was done in the way it was to save battery life... but it sucks.

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The DS is just better. Any self respecting rpg fan should have one...

booni33161d ago

ds is good but there are ten models. people are still playing classic ds, i have a ds lite, my cousin has a dsi, no one can afford the dsi XL but why buy one when you could just wait till october for the 3DS? yea they sell more games, they have ALOT more units out there....

nycredude3161d ago

Don't forget to put IMO in your comments cause I have a psp and IMO it's better, unless of course you are a kid. Also I am pretty positive that the ds outnumber the psp by a significant amount so it's not a surprise that it sells more software. Also take into account the piracy problem on the psp. Most ds owners are younger so they aren't as adept at piracy as psp owners are.


But this article is about software...


Im a 29 year old kid! And the DS is better!

booni33161d ago

i understand but the "DS" is more than one console. its unfair, its like saying ps1 and ps2 and ps3 put together sell "8 to 1" when compared to THE xbox, see what i mean?

Montrealien3161d ago

The DS is another great example that gameplay is more important then graphics.

Chris3993161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

And I will be getting ever more soon (Persona 3P, Hexyz Force, Parasite Eve, FF XII: Agito). Both of the hand-helds have been kicking ass this gen for RPGs. Especially when compared to the sparse releases found on home consoles.

I enjoy the DS and PSP library equally. The DS definitely has more shovel-ware though, mostly on account if it just having more releases and a younger audience to cater to. If you can't find an RPG worth your time on the PSP, you're just not looking hard enough.

If we're talking QUANTITY, then sure the DS probably has more RPGs. If we look at QUALITY, they're about even IMO.

Edit: If any of you have an Iphone out there, you should check out MediaVision's/ SE's new JRPG Chaos Rings. VERY impressive. It feels like a high end PSP game. And it's only $12. It's the first Iphone title that I've bought that didn't feel like a SNES port or a flash game.

FragGen3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

The DS is a weak piece of tech. It's a mass market device designed primarily as a high volume seller targeted primarily at children. The PSP is a high end piece of hardware aimed at hardcore adult players and as a portable media solution.

They're just not similar. My kids play their DSs but I hardly ever touch mine... it feels completely pointless when I have a PSP sitting there with SOCOM3, Dante's Inferno, Resistance Retribution, FFVII, Syphon Filter, and GTA loaded.

And if you think the PSP RPG selection is weak, you're simply clueless. It's just STUPID how many RPGs are available for it. That's because it oftentimes outsells the DS in Japan (depending on the month) the Japanese are ALL ABOUT the PSP and they loves the RPGs!

XxRoosterxX3161d ago

It's not like the PSP has only one SKU. See the PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, and the PSP GO.

And like the DS, they all do roughly the same thing, but with just some minor added features in between each iteration.

So the comparison between the PSP and the DS is an extremely reasonable one to make.

The fact is PSP games don't sell as well as DS games.

Redempteur3161d ago

as a rpgfan , i have both ..and i play both.

Each good game get played and both have VERY good and mediocre rpgs .

hatchimatchi3161d ago

while i prefer the ps3 to the wii, the ds is head and shoulders above the psp in terms of software. I absolutely love my ds, i had the original and traded it in for a ds lite, accidentally broke the screen and went out and bought a new one that same day. I take it everywhere with me.

On topic though, the reason the psp suffers so much is because of piracy, it's bad on the ds too but everyone i know with a psp has it modded and they just download games. Developers know this too as well as sony. Hopefully with Sony's next handheld they can get piracy under control.

Another thing, i don't know if NPD data accounts for psn downloads because I know people aren't buying much with their pspgo. Why? Sony doesn't support the friggin thing, sure there are some great games on the psn for the psp but the entire back catalog of what, 3-4 years worth of software has been completely ignored. A word of advice, avoid buying a pspgo at all costs, it's a waste of money.

darthv723161d ago

"i understand but the "DS" is more than one console. its unfair, its like saying ps1 and ps2 and ps3 put together sell "8 to 1" when compared to THE xbox, see what i mean?"

Your example doesnt really fit the topic. A DS game is a DS game. It doesnt work on the gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance. It works on a DS. The fact there is a DS, DSlite, DSi and DSiXL is pointless. The game is made with the basic principle of working with a DS and nothing else.

PSP games can't be looked at the same way except for those available for download only. That is the only format that would be considered interchangeable between the UMD based models and the GO. DS games arent restricted to any one model of DS.

Maybe the exception would be the DSiware games but those are in a class by themselves. Same will hold true for the 3DS games as they will only be available for the 3DS model.

Tony P3161d ago

Is it so hard to accept that Nintendo DS is just a stronger brand?

That Nintendo handhelds have consistently dominated that market? Why does everyone have to make up excuses? Sony has simply not been as successful with their *first* handheld as Nintendo has since friggin' Game & Watch.

This whole excuse fest for the PSP reminds me of people trying to justify why 360 isn't big in Japan. It's not that complex. People just don't want either as much as the competition.

hetz153161d ago

and personally I love my psp more. DS is a great handheld, but PSP, in my opinion, can do and should do more in terms of software.

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sinclaircrown3161d ago

Mostly because their handhelds have always been aimed at kids. I'm not saying adults can't have fun with a DS or whatever, but this is where kids start playing video games.

PSP is awesome for adults who like portable gaming, but way too complex for kids. I'm sure the piracy plays some part, but I think the age demographic is key in the handheld sales.

Montrealien3161d ago

Nintendo has always targeted everyone, not just kids. It just turns out there are more everyones then there are kids and adults.

FragGen3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

This. The PSP sells mainly to grown ups. The DS cost about half what the PSP did at launch, it's titles are cheaper and it's what the parents buy for their kids. Most American kids over ten are already on their second DS series device.

Some American adults (like me will also get the DS because they know Mario and the gang) so the DS has some cross over appeal but the PSP is more like an iPhone, you wouldn't give one to a small child and say have at it.

hatchimatchi3161d ago

I'm 25 and I bought a psp and DS both at launch and I sold the psp a few months later to my friends kid. I recently bought a pspgo and while I enjoy both handhelds the DS is the better of the two, plain and simple.

I know people have differing tastes & whatnot but the DS has one of the best gaming libraries ever.

Both are a must have though if you are a jrpg fan. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride on the DS is easily one of the best games I've ever played and Lunar: Silver Star Harmony & Crimson Gem Saga are brilliant, plus the psp has Valkyria Chronicles 2 coming & the DS has Dragon Quest IX. I CAN'T WAIT!!

frankymv3161d ago

PSP2 hits in the fall along with the 3dx

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