Sony E3 Briefing [LIVE]

11:24am: Briefing is about to begin. Nice music playing. Four huge screens behind the stage.

11:07am: Press are taking their seats. Briefing should begin around 11:30. Everyone is wondering if Sony secretly has something up their sleeves. If they do, they may reveal it in the next hour!

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BubblesDAVERAGE3906d ago

am i the only one who cant get on fr the live showing

The General3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Be warned, a lot of 360 fanboys are bashing the conference below with little resistance from PS3 fans because we're too busy watching the amazing conference. DO Not Believe the lies below, PS Home is Great, UT3 and Haze are PS3 exclusives... and many more.... They're showing MGS4 trailer is showing now.....

Go check it out

OMMMGG!!!! Metal Gear Solid 4 TRailer was ALLL REALLL TIMMEE Footage....

and DEMo NEXT Week at PLaystation Conference.....

First Killzone 2 Now Metal Gear Solid Four, Haze and Unreal Tournament

PS3 Is the Way to Go.


FolkLore is MIND Blowing.....

Please Go and check it out

Heavenly sword is Great....

NBA 08 is Ight...

LITTLE BIG PLANET is Always EVolving and is amzing.

Uncharted Drakes Fortune is simple... Off the hook!!!...

OMMMGGGGG!!!! Infamous the games is AMMAAZZZINNNG....

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is one of the most beautiful driving games ever.... OMMGGGG!!!


They have a longer Trailer for Killzone 2 and It Looks FFFFFF-----Innng AMAZING....

Killzone will Own ALL!!!!

Sony's Conference has made me one of the many HAPPiest ps3 fans ever....

I'm AT TELLING EVERyone Everywhere that PS3 is the Way to Go this Holiday season...

and if you have enough money, get the 360 and Wii too.

But PS3 IS absolutely Mind Blowing.

Captain Tuttle3905d ago

Tretton's a dork. It's painful to watch lol

PS360WII3905d ago

haha they joked about Riiiiiiiidge Racer. Ah classic

bizzy123905d ago

boring too ohh if psn is free why is there only 2 million on line if they so all most 4 million sold