Lens of Truth: Star Ocean - The Last Hope Video Comparison

Lens of Truth writes, "The wait is finally over. The Lens of Truth finally had enough time to finish out the Head2Head comparison for Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Although the Head2Head is sans the frame analyzer, the comparisons can still be seen with the naked eye. So sit back and watch the video for Star Ocean: The Last Hope and then read on for further analysis."

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evildeli3159d ago

I think I'm spoiled by Final Fantasy XIII. Pretty sure I'll pass on this game.

Baron793159d ago

Towns or no towns, FF pretty much sets the standard for RPG's whenever a new one gets released. I doubt any RPG will match it in overall size for quite some time.

Kuzo3159d ago

...but I liked Resonance of Fate more than Star Ocean.

evildeli3159d ago

I'll have to admit I actually liked the battle mechanics on Resonance of Fate. It kinda broke away from the traditional turn based, stand in a line game play. Although Star Ocean had a more free roaming feel, it just didn't do anything for me.

Speed Racer3159d ago

the ps3 version has more color, a little more detail in the ground that i can see, and the models look a way better. i can imagine setting it up with advanced adaptive luma on medium and see how they look. either way ps3 version clearly wins.

vhero3159d ago

Shame the game was terrible in fact I havn't found a great game by S-E for nex-gen consoles yet... (not including wii-ware)

raztad3159d ago

Wow. The PS3 version is a blurry mess. Lower resolution I guess.


Your Sony goggles are thick!

2Spock3159d ago

Man when you make comments like that, you should let everyone know you are joking at the end. Cause some people might take your comment seriously and think you are not being sarcastic.

Man In Black3159d ago

But it doesn't really matter to me. Game's still pretty damn fun, though not quite as good as Resonance of Fate, despite the crappy story in that game (I HATED THE GODDAMN ENDING). But I'd say the PS3 version makes up for it with the extra content and dual audio track. Makes the little girl a helluva lot less annoying :P

Still, I'm saving up my money to get an HDTV, because this game looks like sh!t on my SDTV. Text is barely visible, and this is exacerbated if you go for the classic visual style. Combat is fun, though, despite me being spoiled by the gun fun in ROF.


The main picture right there shows the 360 looks better. You don't even have to click the link unless you can't read which is which from logos in the corner...

IdleLeeSiuLung3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Is the PS3 version running at a lower resolution? In the pictures almost every single one of them the PS3 version is blurrier than the Xbox 360 version.

edit: "the Xbox 360 had a higher resolution.".

The win should have gone to the Xbox 360, because a whole second slower load time in a scene doesn't really count. That is within error range let alone significant.

With that said, I don't think anyone enjoying this game really cares or notices.

wicko3159d ago

Honestly I can't stand FFXIII, enjoying Star Ocean and Resonance of Fate much more.

kaveti66163159d ago

Both versions look really bad. In one screen, the PS3 version shows more detail in the ground design but lacks shadows. In the 360 version, the ground design is more foggy but there are shadows. Overall, the game looks disappointing no matter the console. Here's to hoping that Square Enix uses the FFXIII engine for all their other RPGs this gen.

SaiyanFury3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Wow, talk about an "article" that was unnecessary. OK, comparing games like Star Ocean 4 when they're already a few months post release is a rather pathetic way to garner hits to your website. First, with the graphical differences being so bloody minimal between the two consoles, does anyone really care? Second, comparing SO4 to FF13, a game which S-E poured pretty much all of their processing power into on both consoles seems kinda moot. Also, SO4 is a traditional JRPG, FF13 is not. FF13 had just about every standard JRPG criteria removed so S-E could reign in the non-RPGamers and make more money. I may receive some flak here for saying this, but I prefer SO4 to FF13 as an old school JRPGamer. It's more rewarding, personally and I thoroughly enjoy it. Resonance of Fate is also great, SEGA should be doing more to promote it. Oh yeah, both SO4 and RoF are done by the same company. Just to clue you guys in.

Final thought here, SO4 on PS3 has the choices of traditional anime-based art and the original Japanese language track. For those reasons alone, I bought it for my PS3. Lymle sounds far less annoying in Japanese, I assure you. :)

tinybigman3159d ago

and i have the ps3 version because of the extras.

saraphina0173159d ago

Agreed. I like my JRPGs by Square, TYVM.

cayal3159d ago

"Towns or no towns, FF pretty much sets the standard for RPG's whenever a new one gets released. I doubt any RPG will match it in overall size for quite some time."

I hope not, I want a traditional RPG.

kancerkid3158d ago


How is the site garnering hits if they are doing the comparison so fat after release? According to your logic, they should be getting very few hits since the game has only been on the shelf for a while.

Are you just criticizing them because your favorite system didn't win?

It doesn't matter when the site does the comparison if you ask me. Not everyone buys a game on release date like whiny fanboys and game players who have their parents buy games for them.

Some of have jobs (gasps) go to college (gasp) or don't need to play "the next big thing" immediately becuase guess what, the game is still going to be there a few months from now, or even a decade from now.

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Lens of Truth is a part of the problem.

weazel3159d ago

No Joe. I think you'll find that YOU'RE the idiot. Comparison websites have been stoking the fires between console owners, and ones that deliberately gimp images should be hounded off the net for false advertising.

saraphina0173159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

What on Earth are you talking about? Weazel- I agree that websites that alter images are terrible, but LoT does not. They have nothing to gain by doing so. When they were doing a live show, it was VERY clear that these are guys who care about the games and do it because they love it. They are not fanboys of either console.

IdleLeeSiuLung3159d ago

Care to show proof that Lens of Truth is "deliberately gimping images" or do "false advertising"?


The problem I was referring to was the comparisons and their inflammatory nature. Another facet of the sensationalistic garbage that pollutes these webpages. Yeah, THAT problem.

weazel3158d ago

Drawing comparisons between the platforms can only be a valid exercise if one of the ports is seriously flawed in relation to the other. (Bayonetta is a case in point.) If there's sufficient difference to suggest a legitimate drop in score between platforms, then yeah, I'll concede that it is valuable..BUT.. picking over individual pixels, etc on titles that suffer no real quality drop seems like a call to arms for the militant fanboys, and serve no real purpose.
False advertising is presenting deliberately misrepresentational data as fact. I wasn't targeting lens of truth(I would have stated this specifically if I was), but using the thread to highlight the lack of consistency amongst a lot of the "comparison websites", and their role in stoking / legitimizing negative attitudes.

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Dance3159d ago

Tie! Star Ocean: The Last Hope just didn’t perform perfect on either system. Each console had their own issues with consistency. Having motion blur is good, but made the scenes messy and neither system wanted to show shadows the entire time.

Kuzo3159d ago

I don't understand why it took them a year to release it on the PS3 with a lower resolution.

vhero3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

PS3 version was obviously rushed that's why the resolutions were bad. Don't matter though it looks pretty bad on both consoles compared to FFXIII.

Projekt7tuning3159d ago

@ vhero
I don't know man. I had hopes for it, but I don't think you can call a port rushed when they had a year. The hard part was done. All they had to do is make sure the port worked then tweak it, and they had a year to do it. I would call it laziness more likely. Its not that bad of a game. Rent it if your board. Its not FF13, so don't go into it expecting it to be, and you might just like it.


WoW!! The 360 blew the PS3 version out of the water!!! See what I did there?

raztad3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

nope, sorry :) but it's true the xbox version is much sharper than the PS3 one. A higher res had some impact it seems.


You fell it for fell for it, lol!

ClownBelt3159d ago

You actually believe that though right? lol


Nah, the 360 version looks slightly better, but it is a noticeable difference. It doesn't blow it out of the water, which is the statement I've been making all day. One console isn't going to blow the other out of the water with anything, but I'm sure I'll get a sh*tload of disagrees...w/e though.

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ArthurLee3159d ago

I've been waiting for this H2H which is awesome as usual. I think I'll pick this one up after a price drop.