New screens from Halo Reach

Bungie has just released ten all-new screenshots from its upcoming game, Halo : Reach.


A batch of new screens has been added to the original link.

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knightdarkbox3134d ago

I'm really looking forward to REACH. I love the darker, grittier feel, the weapons look so much better than Halo 3, and graphics are looking best of this gen..

Halo Reach you get a massive, always evolving, always different battlefield with you, your squad, and 40ish enemies as opposed to like 5 bad guys on screen at once.

reach= best graphics to date in fps IMO.

dangert123134d ago

more detail etc makes it look like armor and less like plastic can't wait for this better

Hanif-8763134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I hope that they have 2 disks, 1 for single player and another for multiplayer, so i don't have to switch disks or better yet make the multiplayer disk downloadable to Hard Drive. This game is 720p and a huge improvement from ODST & Halo 3 hence multiple disks are needed because of Higher resolution and texture detail. I might have to get another Xbox360 for this but i'll wait until E3 to see if the slim rumors are true :-)

IHateYouFanboys3134d ago

Reach doesnt need 2 discs.

each of the multiplayer levels is in the single player campaign, meaning no extra room is needed for multiplayer maps.

ODST was not on 2 discs because of space. it was on 2 discs because if it was only on one, it couldnt have included Halo 3s multiplayer because you CANNOT play 2 different games with each other online, meaning ODST players could only play online against other ODST players, not Halo 3 players. by including Halo 3s multiplayer on a second disc, it is essentially Halo 3 to the xbox (just without the single player), so you can play it with genuine Halo 3 players.

BeaArthur3134d ago

Color me excited for the beta. It sounds like it will be a good mix of weapons and game modes to really try to get the balance perfect.

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The story is too old to be commented.