Top 10 Issues with Modern Warfare 2

Alan Baxter from talks about the top 10 things that annoy him about Modern Warfare 2 in this entertaining article. Check out Alan's points, seeing if you agree with them and let us know what else bugs you about the game.

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retrofly3107d ago

Well his numbers 1, 6 and 10 are to do with the people playing the game not MW2 itself.

I agree with the glitches point, but the rest are just same old bandwagon noises, sounds to me like he just sucks at the game.

utdalanbaxter063107d ago

Oh I don't suck mate, I own ;) Still annoyed by these aspects though.

retrofly3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

If you own why do you get annoyed by campers and n00b weapons? Stats?

I find no weapon over powerful, and I can deal with campers easily.

I have more trouble with rushers with Cold Blooded :)

Dr Face Doctor3107d ago

A good game is designed to prevent people from doing that kind of stuff without being too annoying. They could've stopped boosters by having a points-per-week limit or have some kind of in-game reporting system. They could've made camping less effective (admit it, it's nearly impossible to stop camping) by removing prone or taking away the scavenge perk.

retrofly3107d ago

Did you see all the threads on the BF:BC2 about not having prone.

Developers, like everyone else won't be able to please everyone all the time, its impossible.

Your dammned if you do, your dammned if you dont.

Oldsnake0073107d ago

its the unlablanced Killstreaks.

In Objective based games everybody is going for a high kill count instead of the objective.

Dacapn3107d ago

BC2, like KZ2, has gigantic maps, in comparison to MW2. Prone would make snipers waay too hard to take down and break the game.

jjohan353107d ago

This list is lame. Mostly whiny complaints for people who can't adjust their gameplay. There are easy ways to change your gameplay to deal with noob tubers and campers. Half of the items on the list have nothing to do with what the developers could or couldn't do.

And the reason why this list is stupid? It didn't even mention the number 1 reason that made MW2 absolutely broken: the terrible respawning system.

Chrisny853107d ago

he must not be good. i feel like he has an excuse for everything. who doesnt hate noob tubes and campers especially when they ruin your kill streak.. my advice is to get better learn where they camp and learn where the spam spots are.

if you want tanks play battlefeild. seriously mw would not be the same. even more crap for you to complain about when you get owned by them too.

and btw host migration works and its pretty awesome.

i would really love to see a hardcore mode that does not allow kill sreak awards/perks just so i can play against people who rely on aim skills so i can get better as well.

King_of _the_Casuals3107d ago

Buy Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Then all your problems will be resolved and you can get back to having FUN!!!

Hill_billy3107d ago

Just as I would with any game out there. The devs can't make a perfect game for everybody, there will always be aspects of every game that we don't like. I will say however that the biggest complaint I have about MW2 is the complainers. Those that constantly complain about the game and yet they continue to play it. If you hate the game so badly then stop playing it. There are other games out there and perhaps the grass is greener on the other side of the fence for you there.

sinclaircrown3107d ago

There will always be people who find things to comlpain about in every game. At the end of the day, as far as shooters go, and the COD franchise, its an entertaining game. Worth the price tag IMO with good online playing.

No game will ever be considered perfect by everyone. That's why there's so many to choose from, and they keep getting better.

Nevers3107d ago

...the contributer is the one who might have wrote the article and is defending his cause in posts 1, 1.2, and 1.4 ... and this is one of the many MANY why N4G fails, imHo.

"Thought it was top 100." ~SupeerStebbi

Well... there's easily enough material from that broken PoS "game" to make a top 100 reasons MW2 fails article... and stay away from the whiny points.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3107d ago

I don't see why people get so annoyed at campers. It's just one way of playing the game. I do get annoyed at the fact that the same idiots on my team get continually killed by a guy sitting in the same spot. Is it really that much trouble to go round the back of him and then try to kill him? Getting killed by a camper once is fair enough because you didnt expect him to be there. But getting killed five times by the same guy is just ridiculous.

There's no really overpowered weapons, although one man army and noob tubing gets annoying.

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PimpHandHappy3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

#1 campers: I hate ppl that complain about campers... EVERY GAME ONLINE THAT INVOLVES SHOOTING OTHERS HAS CAMPERS!!! I have 2 classes made for campers and both have smoke!!!

#2 noob weapons: im dam good with a 203 but i only bust it out when i keep getting killed by it... its also used on one of my camper killer classes

#3 no party chat: doesn't annoy me at all

#4 poorly designed maps: i agree with this but all shooters will have choke points and depending on your skill level you can defeat these... again use smoke

#5 lag/game ending: P2P servers... deal with it

#6 boosters: main reason i dont play free4all

#7 glitches: tell the truth i dont see this much on PSN anymore but with that care package glitch it almost made me trade in my game

#8 lack of decent perks: I like the perks but imagine this game being like Socom without kill streaks... thats what makes ppl camp the most... kill streaks

#9 no vehicles: i would love this but then again the maps are WAY 2small and the game would be much different if it had them... i remember my first online game (Socom 3)and running a group around in my humvee and dropping then off along a tree line setting up a offensive postion that covers a huge amount of ground... it felt real and fun

#10 immature kids: dont find this much on PSN but i wont lie.. they are there. I mute right away when i hear a preteen even if they are not talking sh!t... i also mute ppl on my team that are mad and b!tch about getting killed... if your not talking about in game positions i mute also.

there you go... thats my take on MW2 hate... the game is great fun when your in a good room with a good mix of runners and campers... a team full of campers will make for a very boring match

RagTagBnd4453107d ago

The problems about campers in MW2 is that the way killstreaks are made, it rewards camping.

mrv3213107d ago

I am probably a camper, well atleast that's what my stats say but in all honesty I just play stealthily and ALWAYS crouch. While I agree campers are annoying on objective based stuff I agree it's par of the course but as technology advances we'll see less and less of them with stuff like destruction not even walls will save you.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3107d ago

I don't have a problem with campers as long as they don't sit on roof defending a flag that the enemy has taken with no intention of helping to capture it. TDM or FFA was made so you could do nothing to help your team, not domination.

solidworm3107d ago

widely regarded as a game for kids,noobs,glitches,campers and retards....poor maps and no beta phase mean this game is the bastard son of Cod4.Activisions reluctance to give Infinity ward the time to make the game half decent and or Infinity Wards arrogance in thinking whatever they released would be awesome equals thee most overated let down game in history.
The good news is Infinity Ward are no more and whatever the new studio does next will be watched closely for a repeat of this fiasco by real gamers desperate for a return to form.

BeaArthur3107d ago

Pretty lack luster article. It should be titled top 10 reasons I am about to whine about MW2.

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