IncGamers: WarioWare DIY Review

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani makes his own games...

I'll be honest, the idea of WarioWare DIY didn't really appeal to me. Not because I don't love the WarioWare titles, but I was concerned that the ability to build levels would somehow take away from the craziness of the game, giving the creators an excuse to be lazy with levels because they could rely on user generated content to flesh out their skeleton game."

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AndyA3158d ago

Sounds quite tasty, actually. Got time for Wario stuff.

Fyzzu3158d ago

Eee that sounds awesome. I love the idea of making WarioWare games. That said, I'd not pick this up if the included games weren't actually all that good... sounds like they're alright from this though.

Dorjan3158d ago

It is good that it forces you to play the tutorial. So many people would just try to use the game out of the box thinking they'll just "pick it up" and fail thus thinking the game is bad when really they just needed to RTFM.

Wow, I ranted.