Top Five Sexiest Females Characters From Action Games

Craig Hasselback writes: "While the women in fighting games tend to get the most attention for being considered "sexy", their cousins in the action genre are out shooting it up and exploring boundaries well beyond the confines of a ring. Just because these characters are rendered in more than bikinis doesn't mean they're not sexy.

The action genre has been dominated by male characters since the creation of gaming. But there have been a few exceptions to the rule of sexes. And of course, these female exceptions have received a gentlemanly touch in the design department. We have haven't only come to accept that designers intentionally create female characters to be attractive; we've decided to celebrate it with our top five sexiest females of the action genre. While we're not allowed to number our top five lists anymore, we'll leave that responsibility to our readers."

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charlescox42791d ago

So so. I would have put some female super heroes in there

VG_Releaser2791d ago

Dang she is stacked! God I love Tecmo designers.

Yes_22791d ago

Those boobs aren't sexy at all. It looks like a greasy ass is attached to her chest.

vgn242791d ago

gwahhhh mmmm drooolll.

dalibor2791d ago

I feel your pain to lol but one female character I thought was a hottie was Joana Dark from Perfect Dark. Sniper wolf and Eva are just gorgeous who agrees? lmao. I want to see them on the big screen damnit.

Hellsvacancy2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Oh dear... even more of these lame brain articles (y did i click on it? coz im REALLY bored)

boysenberry2791d ago

It's okay man, there is no need to lie :)

gtamike1232791d ago

didn't we have this topic this week or last?

vgchica2791d ago

they have a bunch of them for different categories.

DarkSpawnClone2791d ago

i love these articles , mmmm beer mmmm pancakes mmmmmmmm booobies -Drools-

dalibor2791d ago

These articles can actually stop fanboys from nagging on each other. Women are indeed a marvelous thing to behold.

gtamike1232790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

ninja gaiden sigma 2 girls are hot :)

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The story is too old to be commented.